By:Emily Lehmann

How Earthquakes Start

Earthquakes start when two or more of the earths tectonic plates touch, bump, or smash into each other. Most people don't feel it when plates touch.They don't feel it because when the plates just touch it is a very light bump into each other . People do feel it when plates bump or smash into each other.people may hear a rumble during an earthquake

How To Prevent Earthquakes From Causing so much damage

You can prevent earthquakes by making an accurate inspection of your house and workplace to see if there are any structural dangers.Also make sure you build all structures in firm land.Close all cabinet and equipment doors tightly and firmly.Remove all heavy objects from high places.Move all beds away from unsafe places.Another thing you should do is make a security backpack for classrooms and workplaces.

Earthquake history

Earthquake Safety Rules During An Earthquake

Do not run.It will most likely be safer to remain inside than to than to try to go outside. Also keep away from dangerous objects. React quickly. Do not use the elevator take the stairs. If your driving stop your vehicle and stay in it.