The key to happiness


Why is kindness important?

Kindness is the most important trait that makes up almost everyone around and the community. There are many ways that students can express kindness and some of these are quite obvious. Some of these things can be really small and some can be big. An example of this is that if someone gets hurt, students can go help the person thats hurt and cheer them up. If a student is not kind to others, they can cause some issues between relationships with others and the people around them.

Why do Discovery College students have to be kind?

Students at Discovery College should follow this because it is quite important to be kind to others. If Discovery College students be kind to others, they would feel happy throughout the day. Students can also make more friends if they be kind to others, more people will like being around the student. Others may also have an better impression on them and might want to be around them more that before.

Quotes from the book

In the book, Stargirl walked passed Leo and saw that Leo was sad. She talked to him and cheered her up even though she herself was sad. She said: "I'm sorry people don't see you. It's no fun not being seen, is it?" (Spenelli, 2000, p134) This quote tells the reader that Stargirl will cheer up or help others even though she also has obstacles to overcome. She would do her best to help the person in any or every way she can think of.