The Teddy Bear Is Now Available!

Have your kid have a Lovable Companion to Play with!

By: Ella, Joey, Abbi, Christian, and Galen

The Teddy Bear is So Special!

The Teddy Bear was inspired by the one and only, Mr. President Theodore Roosevelt. The Teddy Bear was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. The Teddy Bears will make your kids and maybe yourself your life happier with this new companion. The Teddy Bears are still popular to this day!

The Teddy Bear Production


It started with a hunting trip Roosevelt took in 1902. There was a bear and the other members of the hunting trip spotted the bears, except Roosevelt.


The first teddy bear that went on sale was in 1903 on February 15.


Teddy Roosevelt used the teddy bear as a mascot in 1904