Task 1

The personal attributes valued by employers

Specific attributes

Technical knowledge

when you are employee and you have technical knowledge, it is very helpful when you are working with the big companies because sometimes you would meet technical problems and the employers like prefer someone who can manage solving the problems and can dealt it the difficulties. this is one main attributes that are evaluate by the employers.

Health and safety

if we look at law, it is must as an employer to reduce the risks of health and safety. this health and safety act was released in 1974 to protect the health and safety issues within business. you are intend to misuse the company's product as you do not have the knowledge of how to use this can lead injuries or hurt for you and people who are working with you. another example is if you not feeling good then you have to stay out of the work until feeling better.sometimes if you have a flu or virus at work then it can spread to anyone else so it is better to stay out of the work instead to pass to everyone. another example is


if liquids fall in to the electrical equipment it could cause another typical hazard as it can cause electrical shock to the user of the computer. the only way you can protect is make sure there are no drinks or any other liquids that not close the IT area.

computers are very

Work attitude

another step that valued by employer.this is having a good attitude which you push forward to do better in your work and it helps you to work very hard. if you are not doing well then there is something you are not happy with the work and it can cause that you will not do your work better. many things can happen when you are not doing well your work such as sacking. this is the reason why every employers try to find the right person for this job.