Mark Twain's Life


  • Mark Twain was born on November 30,1835 in Florida,Missouris

Early Childhood

  • When Mark Twain was four him and his family moved to Hannibal.
  • After his dad died he became a apperentace for two Hannibal printers.


When Mark Twain moved to mississipi river port and got a public school education.
He was a honorary decorate from oxford university.


He had two of four jobs mining and writing.
the other two were a journey man printer and a steam boat pilot.


Mark Twain had one brother a dad and a mom.

His dad died in 1847.

He got married to Olivia Longdan.

He also had two daughters.


Mark Twain use to draw sketches for his brother.


In Mark Twains life he wrote many books like the innocents abound.