Atom's Apple

Colbey Thornton , Brianna Hill , Jared Daniels

Periodic Table

Period - ACROSS - Tells How Many Orbitals

Group - uP & Down - Tells How Many Valence Electrons ( VE )

Picture Of Element :

Protons (+ Charge)

A proton's charge is positive(+).

The proton is located in the nucleus.

The proton's mass is 1 AMU ( atomic mass unit).

Neutrons (-)

A neutron has a negative charge and is located in the nucleus of an Atom. The mass of a neutron is 1 amu.

Calculating P,E,N

P: Protons- atomic number

E: Electrons- atomic number

N; Neutrons- atomic mass - atomic number


Negatively charged particle located in the electron cloud(orbital).

Mass= 1 AMU

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Valence Electrons

Electrons on the outer most orbital, they give the element its properties and form chemical bonds.
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