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October Newsletter

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As the cooler weather settles in, we definitely know that summer has come to an end and fall has arrived. The students are adjusting to school and the expectations that we have for them. We are just about at the half way mark of the 1st quarter and conferences are this week. Please continue to check Powerschool to keep up to date on your child's academic progress and reach out with any questions.

Parent Teacher Conferences


Tuesday October 4th- 2:30-8:00

Thursday October 6th- 2:30-8:00

We encourage parents to attend conferences and meet with their students team of teachers. This marks the halfway point of Quarter 1

Please use this link to sign up for conferences:


Conferences are by appointment only.

*** Please park on the Elementary side and enter through the Elementary doors.***

Peek at October

October 4/6- Parent Teacher conferences

October 14- No School- NEOEA Day

October 18- Partners Meeting

October 27- End of Quarter 1

October 28- No School- Records Day.

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow UP?

This is the age-old question that most of us heard from people involved in our lives as we grew up. This question forced us to think about the future, and make preparations along the way to achieve our goals, and possibly even dream a little.

As a school counselor, I find myself asking students this question on a fairly regular basis, in hopes of encouraging them to visualize where they could be in the not-so- distant future. I enjoy the conversations than ensue, and can often tell that this is a question that has been asked before, or the “You know I never really thought about that” response that occasionally comes from those that really haven’t given it much thought. I always enjoy speaking with former students to see where life has taken them, and what they are doing after they leave high school. I hope that every student has someone in their life to prod them to consider their future, and explore career options.

Westwood students are given opportunities to explore various career options through our JVS liaison Mrs. Balog. Eighth graders are also given the chance to visit the vocational school and experience programs offered during high school. Job shadowing has also been a great way to allow students to get an up close and personal view of what happens on any given day with a family member in the work force.

Here are some ideas of how you can interact with your student in helping them begin the journey of answering the question of “What do I want to be when I grow up”?

-Help your child excel in subject areas they are good at.

-Expose your child to as many careers/jobs as possible when opportunities arise.

-Talk with your child about your job/career and share the good and bad about what your job entails.

-Use teachable moments to talk with your student about required training/education needed for careers they are considering.

In our technological age, students have many resources at their fingertips to explore various careers, so I hope that together we can foster their hopes and dreams and promote whatever career goals they have during their Westwood experience!

Brad Miller

Westwood Counselor

News from the Nurse

As you all know, it’s the beginning of flu season. Many ask “should I really get the flu shot?”

Here is some information to help you decide. First of all, the flu vaccine is made up of strains of the flu based on the types that were infecting people last year.

Because the flu mutates and changes all the time, the formula may not be perfect but will lessen the symptoms even if not a perfect match. Flu vaccines are created to attack the four most common viruses that cause the flu. They start making the vaccine in February to be given starting in September.

Your body’s immune system sends “killer T cells “ to fight the virus so even if the vaccine doesn’t match some strains of the flu, your body will still be protected against serious illness and help keep you out of the hospital.

There is a myth that the vaccine gives you the flu.

Flu shots are made from inactivated (killed) viruses that cannot cause a flu illness.

Some people may have a reaction to the flu shot. People who get the flu shot may experience soreness, redness, tenderness, or swelling where the shot was given, as well as a low-grade fever, headache and muscle aches. This is not the flu, it’s your body reacting to the shot and doesn’t last long.

If you do get the flu after you’ve been vaccinated, you could have had it already in your body before the vaccine was given, it could be a cold virus or you got it within 2 weeks of the shot being given because it takes that long to go into effect.

The flu can be a serious disease, especially for older adults, young children, and people who have certain chronic health conditions. Even among healthy children and adults, the flu may cause serious health complications that can lead to hospitalization and death.

So hopefully this will help you decide to get the flu shot.

Flu vaccines are given at your doctor’s office, the Lorain County Health Department, Lorain County Health and Dentistry and most major drug stores.

Remember to prevent the spread, wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face and wear a mask in public places. It could save you or the life of a loved one.

Stay healthy

Rose Hess

Westwood Campus

School Nurse

Building Information

Please call the office to report your child(ren)’s absence at 284-8017 before 7:30AM. Our phone has 24-hour voicemail so that you may call and leave a message anytime. Please leave a voicemail if no one answers the phone in the office; voicemails are frequently checked and the office will receive your message.

Please make sure you always have a photo ID with you, when you come to the school, this is for the safety of our students.

The Main Office of any school building is a hub of activity. Students and staff are always on the go, in and out of the space throughout the school day.

It’s an active place for regular check-ins and meetings with students, as well as staff conferences and daily interactions with school principals and counselors. The Main Office is also a confidential space at times for conversations and interactions between school personnel and students.

Parents and caregivers are part of the equation, too. For any number of reasons, parents may be asked to come to their child’s school during the day. When that happens, parents should follow the district’s visitor procedures by using the school’s main entrance buzzer and intercom system to gain entrance to the school, and then signing in at the front desk.

If parents/caregivers do not have a meeting at the school but still need to come to the school during the day to see their child or to speak to a staff member, call-ahead notice or an appointment is required.

This ensures parents will be seen in a timely manner and upholds the safety practices of the school. To contact the Main Office, please call 440-284-8017

Its Chili Time

Welcome back...

After a two year break, we are excited to welcome chili back to our DC Auction. Please join us on November 5th from 5-8 for chili and prizes all to benefit our 8th grade students heading to DC in the Spring. Tickets are $10.00 and available in the office or at the door.

Interested in making a donation? We are accepting basket donations to help with our auction that night. All donations can be dropped off in the office.

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