Tiger Beat

Monthly Update September 1, 2021

Principal's Corner

Our first month of school was a success. September 17th marks the end of the 1st 6 weeks. As we reset and elevate this year I appreciate all the support in helping our students meet the new challenges.

Clubs are in full swing on campus and our students have great opportunities to get involved. Student Council, under the leadership of Mrs. Barton, will begin inductions and meetings this month. Mrs. Stribling hosted the first FCCLA meeting and has members excited about projects and competition. Mrs. Strnad wasted no time at all with yearbook. They've had a Saturday workshop and can be seen all around campus snapping shots for the 2022 yearbook. In October, Advanced Floral Design kicks off the Thrall Tiger Lily Club, an annual subscription will get you 8 seasonal floral arrangements, one each month beginning in October. Order forms are on the district website.

Covid- YUCK! Please be diligent washing hands, cleaning spaces and practicing social distancing as we strive to keep our doors open. Masks are available at the front entrance. We will continue to update you with changes as we hear from TEA.




Monitor your absences and bring in doctor's notes as soon as possible. Students are allowed 8 unexcused absences a semester. Beyond that, students are required to make up the time through alterative means, such as Saturday School, for course credit. Nurse Lisa McMurray, is working hard and communicating constantly with our office to notify us of absent students who are "excused" absent. Your continued communication is appreciated.


As a safety and policy reminder, students are not permitted to use their hotspots while on campus.

Chromebooks are issued to all students; only 11th & 12th graders may request to use their personal laptop, but acceptable use policy still applies.

Dress Code is not a dirty word. Please encourage your student(s) to comply with our dress code policy. 1st time violation is a warning, and the student will be asked to change/comply. For a 2nd time evaluation, the student will be asked to change/comply, and lunch detention will be assigned. A 3rd violation will result in a discipline referral and possible loss of privileges based on SHB policy.


This year we were pleased to have the opportunity to offer financial assistance to our students taking AP, Dual Credit, and OnRamps courses. This district assistance truly gives all our students a chance to receive college credit prior to graduation. Stipulations apply and this policy will be evaluated annually based on state funding.

Athletic Tickets Available Online

This year Thrall ISD will continue to use the Hometown ticket system for home sporting events. The link to purchase tickets can be found on the Thrall ISD website (linked below).

No cash purchases of tickets will be available.


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