Language Development

By: Jamie Majik

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  • 2 months old- Infant coos

  • 3-4 months old- Infant babbles

  • 4-6 months old- Infant strings together sounds "dadada" and shows signs of intonation

  • 6 months old- Recognizes their own names and mommy and daddy

  • 12 months old- Use intonation to make commands. Use sounds to get attention and show understanding of what is said to them
  • First actual word happens around 12 months also

  • 18-20 months old- One-word sentences

  • Year 2- Possessive words and they name almost everything they see

  • Year 3- Two to three word sentences

  • After year 3- Fill in sentences, dramatic increase is language production. Grasp basic rules of language such as past and present tense.

  • Year 5-6- Vocabulary of around 2,500 words used in 6-8 word sentences.

Some info tid bits

Deaf babies who use sign language still have a form of babbling.

They begin to babble before 10 months old.

They just babble with their hands!!

Our Fast Little Learners

It has always amazed me how quickly my Isabella has grown. Everyone always tells you "it flies by in the blink of an eye". This is so true. 3 years is such a short amount of time in someone's life-span, and in the first 3 short years babies learn and develop their languages so fast. The understand you at a very early age. My daughter is nearing 7 and I am astounded every day how much she learns so fast. The flier states that at age 6-7 years old kids can construct 6-8 word sentences, I believe it is beyond even that. I can hold entire, long, wonderful conversations with my daughter. Kids are so brilliantly smart and like little sponges with knowledge! Read, read, read to them! My daughter has picked up reading so quickly I didn't even know it happened until she began reading books TO ME one day out of nowhere.


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