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What's happening in 5th grade?

Welcome to the Colonies!!

The kids have been thrown into their colonial simulations and they are loving it!!. Each day they are given a fate and have to research to find out how to survive their fate. They write about it in their journals and then roll a dice the next day to find out if they survived or are in danger. We also did a little engineering activity and the kids had to build a shelter out of a stack of newspaper and a roll of tape. The trick was that their whole colony had to fit inside and it had to stand on its own. Jamestown was the only successful colony!! To gather food they had 1 minute to move beans from one spot to the next using only a straw.

The students have also received their project sheets last week. The students need to chose one activity to complete. Projects are due Wednesday, Dec. 17th but kids can start bringing them in any time.

Finally, we will wrap up our unit with a Colonial Christmas Celebration. We will be doing several activities and one of those activities will require each student to need one orange. They will need it by Thursday, Dec 18th. Things that we could use if you wanted to make a donation are whole cloves, cinnamon, toothpicks.

Colonial Hoopla!

Frozen Friday

For Fun Friday last week, the kids decided they wanted to do a Frozen theme in the classroom. Students who had no missing assignments made snowflakes, decorated the tree, and hung snowball strings. We even had our own Olaf!! It was a very special day for the students for many reasons!!!

Learning Targets!!

Communication Arts - for the next two weeks we are going to work on tackling parts of The Christmas Carol. We will be working on vocabulary, character traits, visualization, and predicting and inferring. We are also going to compare Scrooge to the the Grinch, which we will be working on in small group.

Writing - The Hire and Elf project - see following note!!

Math - we are finishing up our unit on division and the kids are doing really well. We will test next week before break. As a side note, our last unit test the class average was a 93%!!! Awesome!

Science - We learned about the water cycle last week and this week we will be looking at clouds and what they can tell us. We also wrap up with severe weather and will test next week.

Spelling - Our list this week will last the next two weeks and will cover holiday and severe winter weather words. They will have a vocabulary menu for this one where they will need to pick an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Social Studies - wrapping up colonial unit and projects are due next Wednesday.

Hire an Elf and Elf Possible!!

The students have been working on persuasive papers that will convince Santa to hire them for a secret mission. The mission is RAKS - random acts of kindness. Students will be given secret missions to preform throughout the next two weeks. We will be doing some school wide activities but the students will also be given some individual challenges as well. This is such an amazingly thoughtful group of kids and I am very excited to see what they will do!!!
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Monday, Dec. 8th - NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, Dec. 9th - Musical Tryouts
Friday, Dec. 10th - PBS Assembly
Wednesday, Dec 17th - Colonial Projects Due
Thursday and Friday - Colonial Christmas Celebrations
Winter Break - Dec 20th - Jan. 4th