Mesoamerica Civilizations

Mayans, Aztecas, and Incas



The mayans are mostly found in the high and low lands of mesoamenca, southeren mexico, and Guatemala, also belize. These mayans built murals, pyrimids, more than 40 cities. They wrote glyphs and in order to count they had to use symbols. They were the first to use zero.


The Aztecs are mostly found in north west mexico. They built temple walls, houses and city walls, poetry, stone urns, leather, fighting, farms. They used pictures, symbols and more to communicate.


The Incas are mostley found in South america andy moutians range, Peru. Their art that they created are high ways, many temples to promise their gods, llama wool, clay llama. Tehy used quyiey and notes for diffrent meanings to communicate.