My Digital DNA

Technology and My Life

By Brandon Kimmell

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Good Morning, Digital World!

My day begins with my digital media--my iPhone and iPad--positioned closely by my side. The alarm on my iPhone wakes me up at 6:50 a.m., and I immediately check my text messages. I am barely awake. Next to my phone is my iPad--my source for all of the information I need to start my day. By 7:30 a.m., I have checked the weather on my iPad and briefly read the news headlines. Lastly, I check my phone for a text message to see if my friend is riding with me to school.
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Laptop Enhances Government Class

Beginning with my first class, which is government, digital media is everywhere that I can see. My teacher shows the schools announcement by using the Internet. Next, I get out my laptop and visit the government classroom website--where I see that I need to e-mail an assignment to my teacher. After that, I search the internet for resources to use on my government project about the U. S. Constitution. Having a laptop at school has made my life easier: fewer books to carry in my backpack, more access to my teachers with e-mail, and convenient ways to organize my notes and assignments.

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Digital Photography

In my digital photography class, I use a digital camera to take pictures and save them to a USB drive. Next, I transfer the pictures to my laptop. Once I get the pictures organized on my laptop, I send them to my teacher through an email. After that, I research famous photographers online and prepare an article for the class. Ultimately, I hope to post my pictures online for family and friends to see my talent in working with digital media.

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Digital Media in Orchestra

Digital media is important in my Symphony Orchestra class, and our teacher uses videos, Facebook, and apps to make our class interesting and to keep us modernized. Mr. Westman uses an app on his iPhone to make sure our instruments are in tune. Today, Mr. Westman recorded a video of the Orchestra Director from Ball State University helping our class learn to play "Hoedown," a song from the ballet, "Rodeo." Mr. Westman posted the video on Facebook, and I watched the video with the rest of the class.

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After school, I check my text messages more times than I can count. I text friends on the way to my car, and text my mom once before I drive home. After I get home, I check my texts again every five minutes or less. Surprisingly, I counted 25 texts in less than a sixty-minute period of time. Therefore, I spend a large amount of time sending and receiving texts.

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Social Media is a Way of Life

In addition to texting, I checked Instragram, Facebook, and YouTube on my iPhone. Leaving my digital DNA on Instagram, I posted a picture of my Starbucks cup. Next, I found Mr. Westman's video on Facebook and showed it to my mom. Finally, I watched several minutes of YouTube videos on my iPhone.

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Social TV

After taking a nap, I watched Law and Order on television. During commercials, I checked my social media accounts. The satellite company installed a wireless device to allow us to use the internet while watching television. Not having to use my phone to check social status updates is convenient. The screen is much larger on the television and takes less time to scan through the newsfeeds. Through using apps on our television, I am becoming more aware of how digital media is all around me; it is everywhere.

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Working Out--Digital Style

During workouts, I continue to use my phone when my hands are free. I run on the treadmill and listen to music on iTunes. The music gets my adrenaline pumping and helps me get a better workout. In between lifting weights, I text my friends and talk on the phone. My workout is better with my phone because it makes me feel more socially involved.

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After my physical workout, my laptop gets a workout because I have so much homework to do. Because I have a project due in government, I spend most of my time researching the U. S. Constitution and the Indiana Constitution by viewing transcripts on the Internet. Further, I watched several videos on the Bill of Rights. Before having my laptop, I didn't spend as much time using the Internet for assignments. Using my laptop at home and at school has changed the way I do homework and submit assignments--everything is online. Technology requires a sacrifice of money to purchase the digital tools, but the benefits exceed the costs. Organization, convenience and access to more information are positive aspects of using digital media.

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Now that I have finished my homework, I look at my phone and see that it is later than it should be. Possibly, I should have spent less time texting and visiting social media sites. However, I still have time to text some of my friends and listen to music before I fall to sleep. Finally, I set the alarm on my iPhone and anticipate another day in my digital world.

Reflection of My Digital DNA

When I woke up this morning, my digital tools were all around me and followed me throughout my day. After completing this project, I have learned that I cannot live without my technology. However, I am reminded of the article, Web Driving Us Mad, where Dokoupil states that people sleep with BlackBerry's by their beds (p. 5). The author adds that we are becoming "addicted" to our digital world (p. 4). Is that me? Am I addicted? I believe that I use my digital tools to make my life easier. For example, I use my laptop for researching the Internet, and that is easier than going to the library and looking up information in books; it is also faster. Although, I spend an excessive amount of time texting, it keeps me connected to my friends and family. Social media makes me feel a part of society, and gives me opportunities to share my interests in life. Overall, I feel I need to practice better time management, such as spending less time texting, but feel I am being responsible with my Digital DNA.