A form of government in which the supreme power is vested and having the rights to elect your chosen person under free electoral system. The word Democracy also means freedom getting a chance to stand up and speak to the Government about what you think is not going right and wanted to be changed. You should also be proud when you are living in a democratical country.


During the 1890s each colony sent representatives to special meetings called conversations to try to agree about how to form a new Federation. By the way the delegates agreed on the rules for fedral systems and draft constitution. The peoplwe of the colonies voted to accept this new australian constitution. Then it was passed as a british parliament in 1900 called Commonwhealth of australia which came into effect on 1 of January 1901.

Alfred deakin

Afred deakin was Australias second priministor was also the fifth and the seventh. He was in the office three times in the first ten years of Federation. He was the finest speaker in the australian parliament first century. Deakin loved learning which informed his political life. Alfred deakin was very inteligent his beautiful manner earned him a nickname [affable alfred]. He was a lawyer before he held the office which made him a quik thinker and a confident speaker people loved this