Rosa Parks

By: Hailey

Rosa Parks

Do you know who Rosa Parks is? Well Listen up. Rosa Parks was a civil rights person and she standed up for freedom. She felt the right that she could be remembered some day as a civil rights person, so, she wanted to change the rule that black people can sit in the front too. Well she said "No" Later that day she got put in jail for standing up for herself. But, she knew in her mind that someday she will be remembered as a civil rights person. Thats why we celebrate Rosa Parks.

Her Life

Well If you want to know about her life I will tell you so listen up. She was born on February 4,1913 and she died on October 24,2005, THAT WAS 8 YEARS AGO!!!! She was a African American Civil Rights Activist whom the congress called the first lady of Civil Rights. Her parents names were James mcCauly and Leana mcCauly. Her Brothers name is Sylvester and her sisters name was Daisy, She had a Husband whose name was Raymond Parks and Rosa Parks and Raymond Parks they had both died.


This is a true person and this story actually happened and we will remember her from now on to this day. Rosa Parks had a true family and a true heart of bravery inside of her that she felt that she could stand up for freedom. She wasn't scared nor she wasn’t frightened she was Rosa Parks first civil rights Woman. Would you be able to stand up for freedom?