Incorporating teams within our Rockstars Team 5th Feb 2016

Hello February!

The secret to this month is planning!

It's a short month and for many people this also includes a half term.

I suggest when you are making bookings, obviously try and book the Trunk Shows to take place as soon as possible, but if people really are booked up and busy then book them straight into March now. DON'T OFFER MARCH FIRST!

This week, help out the poor menfolk who really are unimaginative when it comes to Valentines Day. They don't have to spend a fortune either, a pair of Sparkle Studs £15 and a Radiance Coil Bracelet £25 are a perfect combo at £40. There are also lots of lovely single ladies who can treat themselves to something sparkly just because they can! So spend this week offering to add a little sparkle to a dark wet month!.

Did you watch THE BUZZ email from Head Office yet? this week saw great Spring Fashion tips from Harpers Bazaar's Jo Glyn-Smith, talk about this when you are booking, offer to update their wardrobes with a Spring vibe!

Take part in Training Manager Sam Walpole's Booking Blitz happening on Wednesday evening too, you never know you may just win a prize! (see Training Calendar on Stylist Lounge for more info or check your emails from Saturday).

Who are you offering the business and sparkle to this week?

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January 2016

What the retail industry felt was the longest January in years (the average working person went 6 weeks between pay-checks)... At S&D we had a blast!

We sold 24,570PQV (a whopping £20,475), held 59 Trunk Shows and we sponsored 22 brand new stylists which is a new TEAM record for sponsoring in a month.

Welcome 22 New Stylists!

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Top Sellers January 2016

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Congratulations on Earning the 'HELLO SUNSHINE' Sunglasses (by selling 1500PQV in Jan)

Susan Arumemi

Belinda Haggerty

Michele Porter

Quick Start Bonus Earners

Samar Disney


Fiona Hancox

Michelle Cunningham

Susan Arumemi

Sally Gurnham

Tori May

Jennifer Hutchings

Arabella Fox

Kelly Freegard

Sarah McCormack

Tracy Ward

Roz Laporte

Nina Fitzgerald

Katie Harding

Belinda Haggerty

Julia Johnstone

Jodie Penney

Samar Disney

Jo lee

Victoria Massey

Jo Hardy

Katherine Maynard

Gemma Woolford


We were totally spoilt at Directors Summit at Syon Park Hilton, what a gorgeous, luxurious venue with the most inspirational people, I definitely felt a lot of #sdjoy

We got to see the stunning Summer capsule collection launching in April, heard retail and trend advice from Harpers Bazaar's Jo Glyn-Smith and had some amazing training and moments to treasure including a private dinner with our Chairman and Senior Directors at the famous River Cafe in London. Two highlights for me were our very own Associate Director Bella Fox winning an award for Highest Team Productivity! (Bella has only been a Stylist for 13months!) and gorgeous Director Susan Arumemi earning her Heart of Leadership Award.

Our SWAG bag included two pieces from the Summer collection (see pic below), a signed framed print from Blythe Harris's Design Studio, a 2016 Journal, bareMinerals cosmetics and more... I also had Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in my hotel room!

So I'm all set up to support you in another incredible, record breaking year, use me!

Key Points:

  • Hoopla registration opens later this month, it will be held at Novotel, Hammersmith 8-10th July
  • Jessica's book is available to pre-order on Amazon, if we all pre-order it will generate more press interest and have a positive impact on our business!
  • Glam Getaway 2017 incentive has been launched, fancy a free holiday to Mauritius? check out the Stylist Lounge for all the details
  • We are going to stock higher levels of core bestsellers so that we never go out of stock on these pieces.
  • Courier Hermes have made improvements and we continue to monitor them closely, it's important that if you have customer feedback concerning deliveries that you inform Customer Services so that they can investigate it & make improvements where necessary.
  • Shipping to the Channel Isles is coming in Quarter 1
  • There are lots of really good exciting things coming that I can't tell you about yet...

2015 Roundup:

  • 566 UK & Ire Promotions
  • 2839 new Stylists sponsored in EU (up 57% on 2014)
  • 46% of new Stylists sponsored in JumpStart
  • 24k qualified trunk shows held (up 35% on 2014)
  • 762k units shipped from our warehouse in Belgium
  • We broke records in August and sponsored 300 new Stylists in the UK alone
  • Our average in-stock level was 97.5% (our target is 97%)
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This Week & Next Week's Training Calendar

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Numbers to Call for Training:

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The more you read the more you know, the more you learn the more you grow...

I get a lot of requests for suggested reading, here are some top picks! Top Tip: if you have little time to read, try the audiobooks (from iTunes or Audible) & listen in the car or in the kitchen!

  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown (focus on what matters)
  • The Flip Flop CEO by Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead (understanding Direct Selling)
  • What the Most Successful People do before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam (secrets of early rising)
  • Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine (as used by all S&D staff including Jessica Herrin - it helps you to identify and manage internal saboteurs)
  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy (excellent time management tips)
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
  • Go for No by Richard Fenton (learn to overcome hearing No)
  • Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
  • Build it Big by DWSA (real stories from top industry leaders)
  • 168hours by Laura Vanderkam (in depth life time-management)
  • Be a Recruiting Superstar by Mary Christensen (learn to sponsor!)
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Let me know any suggestions you have too!

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A dance tune from Directors Summit... (my kids LOVE it too!)

Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly (Official Video)
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Welcome to Stella & Dot!

I am your upline Director, I support your sponsors, hold regular training and meetings and am here to support you, so that you get what YOU want out of your Stella & Dot Business. The person who sponsored you should be your first point of contact with everyday queries. However you can reach out to me if you have any issues or suggestions or require assistance that your sponsor is unable to give.

About Me:

I am a mum of three school age children, this is my second business in this industry, I joined S&D when we launched in the UK in 2012 when my previous jewellery company closed down, I have been in the biz for about 6 years. When I first started I had babies, toddlers and another job, and to be honest, I joined to get discount on my wishlist! however after my first party, I knew that this was what I wanted to do, so I made a plan with my sponsor and quit my job within 6 months and have never looked back. I still work part-time and do about 6 parties a month.

I live in Surrey, I'm married to the very patient Mr P and I survive on black coffee and gin.

I look forward to meeting you soon!



Michele Porter

Senior DIrector & Independent Stylist

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Connect with your Sponsor

The person who introduced you to the business is called your Sponsor. She will be responsible for your initial Q&A and getting you started.

It's important to be honest with your sponsor about what you want from your business so that she can offer the right level of support.

During your Jumpstart period (your first 60 days) we recommend having a quick chat once a week with your sponsor.

Not on Facebook? You're missing out!

We have a Team Facebook page for Majestics, it's a closed private group just for us.

I use this Facebook page to do give-aways and share important information as it happens. it is also a useful forum for you to ask questions and share tips.

Even if you don't want to use Facebook for your personal life, you really need to use it for communication purposes within the team and wider Stella & Dot community.

Add me as a friend and I'll add you to the group:

Attend a Monthly Meeting (every month!)

Stylists who regularly attend a monthly meeting have much stronger businesses and are more likely to have longevity. Without connecting with other Stylists doing the same job, it's very hard to get motivated and inspired. Also, it's more fun together!

See Forthcoming Events above, if we aren't holding one in your area, there are many other Directors and Leader-led meetings all over the country. Search under events in the Tools & Resources/Stella & Dot University part of the Stylist Lounge or website to find yours.

If there isn't one, then tell me!! I am working with Head Office to get the nation covered.

Making the Most of Jumpstart

A bit of sisterly advice to you all. If there's one thing you'll kick yourself for not doing, it's making the most of your JumpStart (first 60 days).

Familiarise yourself with what you could be earning in this period and chat to your sponsor about it.

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Read & Watch The Weekly BUZZ

The Buzz is the weekly newsletter from Head Office, it's how announcements are made, it's short and fun but has links to all the tools that you need to run your business right now.

It's a 5 minute video, once a week. Just watch it!

Stella & Dot University

This is an online learning resource, basically a library of documents and videos to help you self-educate your way to success. I know at first it seems really daunting. Start with the New Stylist section first!

Spend a good few hours in your first week watching videos and familiarising yourself with SDU.

Getting Started Guide

This is a fab booklet available to download and print off. It tells you everything you need to get started!

(you need to be logged into Stylist Lounge for this link to work)

Head Office Training Calendar

There is a weekly New Stylist Training call you can dial into with Sam Walpole, our UK Training Manager.

Find this on the Stylist Lounge, it not only shows what training and support is taking place, but also has recorded archives of training calls. I download these as mp3's and listen to them on my phone or ipod in the car or around the house.

The Stylist Lounge

You should get in the habit of logging on every day during your first few weeks, to get used to where everything is.

News items in particular, as well as the Product Alert list which is updated daily and shows any items low or out of stock and when they are due back in.

Embrace 2242!

Follow this formula for success...

2 Conversations a day (to book or sponsor) will build your business so that the rest will follow:

2 Conversations per day

2 Outside orders per week (not from a TS)

4 Trunk Shows per month

2 New Stylists Sponsored per month.


Hoopla is our Annual 2 day Conference, it is in June, in London.

If you want be successful and earn more money from your business, you need to go to Hoopla.

We have the best, game-changing training, not to mention cocktail parties, team parties prizes, dancing and FUN!

CEO & Founder Jessica Herrin, Chairman Mike Lohner, Chief Creative Officer (heads up Design Studio in NYC) Blythe Harris and VP of Global Training Danielle Redner will be there, they are each so inspiring and motivating, but when they get together, great things happen!

Tickets will go on sale a few months beforehand.

Tickets usually cost about £150 and include products to the same value in our goody bag. S&D negotiate a good hotel rate for us and Stylists usually share rooms to keep the cost down too.

Next Hoopla: July 8-10th at Novotel, Hammersmith. Tickets on sale from February.

Our Team at Head Office in Hammersmith

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