Benefits of rainforset

Do we have benefits that we get from rainforests?

rainforests provides us with many benefits, which can be divided into environmental and human benefits it. Many medicines that we use first came from rainforest, plants have been found in rainforest that can help people with life threatening disease such as cancer, 40% of the world’s medicines is found it the amazon forest in north south America. Rainforest also provides us with wood. Wood is logged from the amazon and taken to factories to make papers, tables, desk, beds etc.Rainforest gives us Water andwater is essential to many things.

Water plays an important role in keeping plants and animals alive and if rainforest

provides us a lot of water then it surely do have a big part to play in our daily lives. Rainforest also helps us to breathe and breathing is a really big thing you need to stay live.

Benefits of Rainforests project
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