Notes from the Band Room #20

January 31, 2016

This Week In Band

You can always check the morning rehearsals on our website: calendar (make sure to refresh your screen). You can subscribe to the rehearsal calendar by clicking on the "+GoogleCalendar" button on the bottom right of the calendar.

iPad users can sync the band calendar to the iCal app! Here it is: BOC Calendar
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GEF Recital Night

The Eleventh Annual GEF Recital Night is TUESDAY!
GEF Recital Night Performance Times
The chart for Recital Night is sorted by performing musicians' last names.
On the bottom of this chart are two tabs. The one on the left is for GEF performers.

In addition to student performances in fifteen recital rooms, there will also be four different chamber ensembles from the Elgin Symphony Orchestra. This is your (and your student's) opportunity to hear live, professional music up close and for free. In fact, the Attea students will be given a short assignment which will include watching at least one of the ESO ensembles. They will have a chart where we will map out their schedule for the evening.

Each ensemble will perform three identical half hour recitals, giving attendees the opportunity to hear all four, or just come for one or two. The groups, times and locations are below:

C110 (Band Room): ESO Woodwind Quintet - 6:15, 6:55, 7:35

C103 (Music Room): ESO Percussion Trio - 6:15, 6:55, 7:35

C107 (Orchestra Room): ESO String Quartet - 6:55, 7:35, 8:15

B202 (LRC): ESO Brass Quintet - 6:15, 6:55, 7:35

The Glenview Education Foundation has been so generous for the past decade with this wonderful event for our musicians - and they have committed to making the 11th year even bigger and better! THANK YOU GEF!

What is a Clinician?

The GEF Recital Night is conducted in a master class format. Master classes are given to musicians in front of other musicians and an audience in an effort for everyone in the room to learn from the teacher. In this format, musicians traditionally call the teacher a clinician. The clinician will "fix" performance issues the performer(s) might have -- and the musicians will be given an opportunity to try the solutions during the master class.

IGSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest

The IGSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest will be held on Saturday, February 6 at MacArthur Middle School (700 N. Schoenbeck Road, Prospect Heights, IL 60070). Students will need a ride to MacArthur, as we do not have a bus budget for this event. Please plan to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your performance time. I will have details about warm-up rooms from the host very soon.
Here is a link to the schedule:
IGSMA Performance Times
The chart for IGSMA is sorted by performing musicians' last names. Be careful - each ensemble is only listed once, so it may be listed under another player's name first. On the bottom of the chart are two tabs. The one on the right is for IGSMA performers.

GBS Musicians

If you have siblings in the GBS Band, Choir or Orchestra, please send me an email. We're looking for a few high school volunteers for GEF Recital Night.
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Private Lessons - the next step

Many musicians find the single best way to improve on their instrument is to take private lessons with a professional. The Attea band website has been updated to include GBS teachers, as well as other area musicians.
The better you can perform on your instrument, the more fun you have while playing. It's a wonderful thing!!
Attea Band Website

Do you know Flyer Band Alumni?

If so, please ask them to email me ( to be featured in our interviews this year.


If your student is showing great interest in band and needs a musical challenge, please consider private lessons on bassoon or French horn. I can get you started, lend you an instrument and a beginning book, and recommend a private teacher. These instruments help complete the sound and balance of the ensemble.
Please contact me through email for further information.

Parents are invited to visit the band room.

Parents are encouraged to attend any rehearsal from 7:20-8:15 to see exactly how middle school band musicians learn and rehearse music. Even if your child is less than eager to practice at home for you, visitors will see how much our musicians love playing their instruments with a group. An audience makes it even more fun!