Summer is Here!!!

What do you need to do???

Thank you

Thank you for an incredible school year. I am so excited about next year! I wanted to outline a few things for you to be working on this summer.

Professional Development

Please use the summer to begin completing you 15 hours of professional development. I will send information I receive.
Caine's Arcade

Upcoming Dates

June 8th- 8am-3pm- McGraw Hill Math Training

August 4th-5th- Math session with Dr. Sabrina McCollough

August 8th- Return to Work (Detailed Agenda coming soon)

August 14th Meet the Teacher - 2pm

August 17th - 1st Day of School

2016-2017 Focus

  • Differentiation- No it didn't go away :) .
  • Small Group instruction- Daily and intentional small groups
  • PBL- 2 projects a year (one per semester)
  • Renweb usage ( Updating Grades each Friday)
  • Lesson Plans

2016-2017 Theme

Theme: St. Philip's All Stars- Going for the Gold

August 14th 2pm

Meet the Teacher: Attire: Blue Jeans and Basketball Jersey

Basketball Jersey's with names on back and- Saints in Gold on the front- Coach T

Chuck Taylor's/Converse

(smoke machine, lights out, announcer, strobe lights,spot light)