Lowell Lions Roar: Special Edition

Communicating Traffic Changes 2017

New! Traffic Pattern Changes

As a building principal, you try to avoid big changes to routines in the middle of the school year. Due to community concerns regarding increased traffic at the start and end of our school day with parent drop-off and pick-up, the district has developed a new transportation plan for Lowell.

Beginning on Monday November 27, the buses will be dropping off and picking up students in the back of the school accessed by Barnes Rd. The front of the school building will be the new location for parents to drop students off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon.

Traffic on Rice Lake Road can be challenging at different times of the day. Please consider making right hand turns in and out of the parking lot. If you must make a left hand turn onto Rice Lake Road we request that you leave enough room for traffic to pass on your right to continue traffic flow.

Please note that there will be one bus continuing service from the front of the building at the end of the day. Parent must park behind the fence of the school garden to leave room for this bus.

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Parent Pick-Up Expectations

  • Inform the classroom teacher of your pick up schedule. Example: Mondays and Wednesdays, my child will be picked up. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, my child is in Key Zone.)

  • Classroom Teachers will make sure your child gets to the parent pick-up line within the school.

  • Parent Pick-up Staff will escort the children out the door closest to Rice Lake Road and remain with the children until all students are picked up.

  • Vehicles should line up on the right side of road. PLEASE do not PASS other vehicles in line or double park.

  • Stay in your vehicle to keep the line moving.

  • Pull all the way up as indicated by the Staff. (We will load up to 10 vehicles at a time.)

  • Staff will assist your child in getting into your vehicle.

  • Please DRIVE SLOWLY and thank you for being extra attentive as you enter and leave the pick-up area!

  • Dismissal Time is 2:15 p.m. Please arrive "on time" and not too early to minimize traffic disruptions. If your child has not been picked up by 2:30 p.m, we will bring them to the office and you can pick them inside the building.


  1. Be sure to hang the “Lowell” car tag on your rearview mirror or place on your dash so it is visible.
  2. Adjust your seating so that your child can load on the right rear passenger side which is curb side.
  3. For everyone’s safety, NEVER ask your child to cross without you or an adult assisting them.
  4. If everyone follows these NOTES and TIPS, the line is very efficient and you will be on your way in less than 10 minutes from dismissal time.

Please be kind and patient through this process to ensure a positive and safe dismissal for everyone!

Thank You,

Lowell Staff

Morning Parent Drop-off

As always, students can enter the building at 7:30 when the bell rings. There is supervision on the playground beginning at around 7:15. Students can enter the door of the cafeteria anytime after 7:15 for breakfast. Please do not drop off your child too early as we do not have staff to ensure their safety.

If your child is not utilizing our breakfast program or playing on the playground, they will be required to stand outside the front entrance until the doors unlock at 7:30. If the weather is -15 below or colder with a wind chill, students will be able to enter the foyer to stay warm until the interior doors unlock.

Please do NOT park in the drop off zone to walk your child into the school, we need to ensure that traffic can move freely through our lot at this critical time. If you want to walk your child in to the school, we encourage you to park in the lot.