January Best Practices

Never Neglect an Opportunity for Self Improvement

My First Year with GaVS

During my inaugural year with Georgia Virtual School I have decided to keep my goals simple and easy to achieve. For other teachers, my best practices may seem rudimentary. For me they are necessary accomplishments in establishing my habits as an effective online instructor

My Class Schedule

Of Course, every GaVS class has a course schedule as part of the syllabus. I try to optimize the practicality of my course schedule by color coding assignments:

Blue: Discussion
Pink: Quiz
Red: Test/Project
Green: Dropbox Assignments
Purple: Lab

This way students can easily and quickly glance at the upcoming weeks activities and see what they need to prepare for.
I also include the late work policy on assignment due dates in order to remind students of GaVS policy.
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My Welcome Message

I created a welcome message in the form of a Glogster. Included in the Glogster are pictures of my self and my family, my interests, and my educational background. While this information is not related to Physical Science content, I find that it helps to put a face with my name. It is vital to help students realize that we are living, breathing instructors that are approachable and willing to help. My face-to-face students always enjoy getting to know more about me, and this encourages them to open up so that I can get to know them better