Plant Examination Report

By: Cyrus Yau, Ryan Quon and Maximus Quint

Plant Description

3MM kids planted seeds 3 weeks ago and still, nothing has evolved(growing).

When It Was Not Growing

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So, we examined what was wrong and we soon found out that our soil was not good and it didn't have enough nutrients. Also, the soil was packed together too much and some were too dry and some were too damp.

Suggested Plan Of Action

We thought that because the soil was not good and was not full of nutrition, we watched a video and learned that we could mix it up with different kinds of soil and organic material. So we thought we can go outside and get some clay soil and mix it up with our sand soil which makes a good mix of soil that helps it get more water and soil that controls water easily.

Operation Details

We decided to get some clay soil in the playground. Everybody got some soil and brought it inside the classroom. We mixed it with some sand soil. Our teacher Ms. Muhl bought some seeds and plant food and we planted them them in the soil we mixed.

Care Instructions

We have to put the seeds near the sunlight and water it with the right amount of water. You should change the soil once a while or you could add some nutrients in them. You should change the pot once they grow bigger to have enough space.