The Drum Kit

It's Life

What is the Drum Kit?

A drum kit is a instrument. A set of drums and cymbals with other percussion instrument which you use with drum sticks.

Time Line The Drum Kit

  • The Tiako drum is from japan it was introduced by the koreans, This drum was made sometime around 300 BC
  • The first drums found was in Mesospotamia. The drum was made of clay and it was shaped like a square.
  • The cymbals were originally made in Turkey and China. The Cymbals were also used in early culture such as in Israel and Egypt.
  • The first snare drum was made in medieval Europe. It was also know as the Tabor.
  • 14th century in Europe the first bass drum was made. It was know in the west as the Turkish Drum.
  • The snare drum was modify and use for war by the Turks.
This is just some of the time line because there is loads of it.