By Audrey Winstead

History of aparthied

just a few years ago, Black South Africans lived under terrible conditions. Most were forced to live in townships with no running water, electricity, and sanitary stations (bathrooms).many had little or no money, and had no health care, so many were very sick. Blacks could be arrested at any time for any reason. children had to learn in Afrikaans, a language understood by few, and spoken by few teachers, if any.Since women were not only struggling through apartheid, but gender segregation too, it was amazing if they even got a job, and most were nonpaying.

A new government.

Thanks to Nelson Mandela and F.W. DeKlerk, most South Africans no longer have to live in townships.Many still have HIV, but the government is trying to make it so that many children don't get HIV in the first place. Children are also not getting the proper education, despite the fact that the government is spending millions of dollars every year on education.

Fighting Apartheid

Nelson Mandela and F.W. DeKlerk fought against apartheid for years. When DeKlerk became president, he lifted the ban of ANC and released Nelson Mandela.He also gave orders to end building nuclear weapons. by lifting the Ban from ANC, people could fight and not get introuble.