Andrew Jackson

The Common Man's Hero!

The Spoils System!

Andrew Jackson saved a lot of families from possible bankruptcy by giving the worker class families jobs in government. Also, government's view of the people of the United States of America got a whole lot broader with regular, everyday people in government, and not just wealthy, experienced people.

A not-so-presidential beginning!

Andrew Jackson grew up dirt poor, with a working class mother. He could not afford school, but even so, he taught himself. He grew up in a log cabin, not at all similar to the white house. This made more working class citizens feel like he was just like them, and that helped get him elected in 1828.

The Abominable National Bank!

At the end of Jackson's presidency, the bill came for the National Bank. Jackson had the choice to sign off on the bill to allow the National Bank, or veto it and kill the National Bank. Of course, he chose to veto it. He chose to veto it because he felt that the bank only helped the wealthy, not the "Common men" that were growing up like he did. Many people felt differently, but he still vetoed the National Bank.

Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon is about the spoils system. It says, "To the Victors belong the Spoils." This shows that he thinks that people that have lived in poor conditions and suffered this long are victors, and they should get spoiled with government jobs and riches.