The Dog and his Food

Erica Peterson

The dog was heading to the market. He was thinking about how much praise he would get if he only sold the fruit for ten cents. The dog was getting excided because he had always wanted to be the leader of the pack. The dog set off at 7:00 Am, walking a mile to the farmers market. The dog is not the only one waking up early , the eagle is ready for an early breakfast. The eagle passes the dog and adds a comment. "Where is all of that food going?" The dog replied, "I'm going to the market do you want to come with?" The eagle quickly said sure trying not to act like he was up to something. They went on with their journey , but the eagle kept eyeing the food. They got to the market and the dog set down the food. Immediately, the eagle pounced for the food and flew away. The dog cried, " But I was going to be the leader!"


Don't count your chickens before they hatch.