After High-School Plans

Like, college and stuff.

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What type of Education do I Need?

To attain the job I'm aiming for, I must have a GED, and an associates degree in Graphic Design.

Available Community Volunteer Work as Training:

I can volunteer for an Internship as a junior graphic designer. It will help me by advancing my skills as a graphic designer.

School Info:

  • Located in Grants Pass, OR.
  • Enrollment - 5,530
  • Overall 2-year cost is a little over $17k
  • Student-Teacher Ratio - 20/1


  • Average temperature during the Spring, and Summer ranges from 43 to 64 F
  • Average temperature during Fall, and Winter is 53 to 35 F

Fun Stuff to Do!:

  1. Travelling the Oregon Coast
  2. The Oregon Caves
  3. Wild Life Safari
  4. Crater Lake National Park

Geography (It's the Climate!)

Soaring through the streams of Southern Oregon, and Northern California, lies the historic Rogue River; leading to the one and only, fresh Pacific Ocean!

How do I pay for College?!?!

  • Getting a part-time job
  • Fundraisers
  • Taking out a loan
  • Applying for scholarships

Achieving Post High-School Goals

These Goals Include:

  1. Maintaining, or improving my GPA to a 3.5
  2. Make up failed tests, or quizes to improve my overall grade.
How will I achieve these?

  1. Going in for cave, and Office Hours.
  2. Studying for upcoming quizes/tests.