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Term 1 - Issue 2 24th February 2022




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Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Whilst there have been some distractions, our children have continued to impress us in the last two weeks with their work ethic and ability to maintain focus!


We welcome Kobe Morris in 5B this week to our St Francis community. Kobe has enjoyed his first few days and we hope both Kobe and the family feel very welcome!


It is becoming increasingly clear that the number of schools being impacted directly by COVID-19 cases is increasing daily and will continue to do so. At this point, we have managed to avoid what seems inevitable.

As discussed at the parent night presentation and in past communications, there are clear processes in place to support our school and community should a positive case be reported. To provide some transparency, I have outlined below the process should a positive case be confirmed at St Francis of Assisi:

  1. Should a student, parent or staff member within our school test positive, they will be guided by WA Health as to isolation and testing protocols. If you receive a positive result and are yet to hear from WA Health, please contact me directly or by phone on 9562 9500 with evidence of your positive result.
  2. Any information regarding the COVID positive case will not be able to be released without permission from the Chief Health Officer (CHO). For privacy, the identity of individuals who test positive are also confidential.
  3. Our COVID Response Team would then enact our school response plan immediately.
  4. This involves safely, respectfully and discreetly, isolating any positive children or staff if we are notified they are positive whilst at school, then arranging communications to parents of close contacts as determined by WA Health.
  5. Following this, WA Health would direct testing and isolation protocols for close contacts (7 days isolation, followed by evidence of a negative test before returning to school).
  6. Communications will also be sent to all parents in the community notifying them of the positive case.

As it is a fast moving space, I would encourage families to be respectful and not share any information about possible COVID positive cases on social media. This will reduce the unnecessary anxiety of potential false information and direction.

The teaching and learning continues to be of a high standard and the children have settled extremely well, despite the distractions. We are trying to maintain a strong sense of community and participation through streaming of events in both Teams and Youtube and will endeavour to share classroom activities through our technology platforms.

In addition, we are continually looking for ways to provide extra curricular opportunities. This week, Ms Hamilton has coordinated with the Year 6 leaders the implementation of 'Golden Laps' for Friday sport!


You would have received communication from me late last week about the impending requirement for children in Year 3-6 to wear masks in the future. At this stage, this is NOT mandated by the government and we respect a parents decision whether to have their child wear a mask or not.

I strongly encourage parents to have this discussion with their children and even practice mask wearing at home to ensure it is worn correctly and comfortably, as we anticipate the mandate will be brought in sooner rather than later. We are fully supportive of children choosing to wear a mask while in class and our staff are here to support them in doing so. A reminder that the definition of a close contact is:

  • 15min face-to-face contact without masks
  • 2 hours in the classroom without masks

By these definitions, the risk of being considered a close contact is reduced by wearing a mask in class. Should a positive case be reported, whether your child is wearing a mask in class may impact whether they are considered a close contact and the requirement to isolate. With the disruptive nature of isolation on all family members, this is something to consider whilst we await a mandate for our Year 3-6 children.

Please be assured that if either individual children or whole cohorts are required to isolate, we are well positioned to provide either work packs to individuals or move to a remote platform via SeeSaw or Teams for whole classes to ensure the continuity of our educational program.


Thanks to our Digital Learning leader, below you will find a parent presentation intended for our use of iPads in the classroom. It is worthwhile viewing for all parents to develop a better understanding of the pedagogy behind technology and how we intend to leverage this tool to enhance learning. Thanks to Mrs Evans for her hard work in putting this together - luckily we have disabled comments to avoid any heckling!

With the Winter Olympics finishing up, the Winter Paralympics around the corner and 3 weeks until footy season, there's a lot to look forward to on the sporting calendar! I'll continue to enjoy the basketball as we wait for both the Eagles and Dockers to kick off their 2022 campaign - let's hope it's in front of big crowds.

Please stay safe and enjoy the fortnight ahead!

Jason Baker


St Francis iPad Parent Info Session


Dear Families,

Sacramental Program Expression of Interest (EOI)

Thank you to all the families who responded to the EOI - either by returning your slip or by email. If there are any families still wishing to join the 2022 Sacramental Program, please email me ASAP at

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Our Yr 6 Christian Service leaders will lead the school in prayer. Unfortunately as per WA Govt. COVID-19 regulations, the school and parent community are not permitted to attend in person, so the liturgy will be live streamed to the classrooms and on the school youtube channel.


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time of preparation; a season of repentance, prayer and fasting before Easter. The 40 days of Lent, which precedes Easter, is based on two Biblical accounts: the 40 years of wilderness wandering by the Israelites, and our Lord's 40 days in the wilderness, when He was tempted by Satan.

Each year the Church observes Lent where we, like Israel and our Lord, are tested. We participate in abstinence, times of fasting, confession and acts of mercy to strengthen our faith. The goal of every Christian is to leave Lent a stronger and more vital person of faith than when we entered.

Reconciliation Workshop

The Reconciliation Workshop took place on Tuesday in class, with all children enjoying the afternoon of sharing and activities designed to lead them in developing a greater understanding of the Sacrament of First Reconciliation. In a few short weeks the children will receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation on Tuesday 22 March at 12pm in the Hall. The liturgy will be live streamed on the school youtube channel.

God Bless

Miss Dee Campbell


The social worker provides counselling to help students and their families deal with social and emotional issues relating to school or affecting a child’s academic performance. Ms Julie Ford can work with your child and provide a space where children can openly express themselves about their fears/worries. Sometimes this involves de-catastrophising a child's thinking and breaking the unhelpful thoughts. Ms Julie can help your child to clearly identify how they are feeling and together develop coping strategies specifically to suit that child.

Some resources that may help support families:

*Your GP

*Beyond Blue Covid Mental Wellbeing Support Service 1800 512348

Supporting you through the Coronavirus pandemic - Beyond Blue

*Ngala Parenting Line 93689368

Ngala Parenting Line - Ngala

Please see the attachment below on Current Covid Anxiety in Children.

Ms Julie Ford

Social Worker

SFOA BREAKFAST CLUB (Supported by Bakers Delight Ocean Keys, Clarkson)

Every Tuesday & Thursday

When: Every Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 8:00am - 8:20am

Where: Hall

Come in and grab some toast with vegemite or jam and start your day right!


Happy Birthday to the following students who have recently celebrated or who are celebrating a birthday over the next two weeks:

Hetvik Vyas, Keira Drummond, Leo Watson, Ajok Domkoc, Gabriell Donio, Jamie Hayman, Caihla Walsh-Cuthbert, Savannah Smith, Gabriela Hampson-Villalobos, Charlie Rasheed, Samuel Austin, Gavin Balin, Ajok Athoi, Oliver Whitehouse, Damien Mundawaro, Nicolas Newton, Gracie Johnson, Ravi Singh, Jessica Leahy, Patricia Donio, Theo Bakker, Sienna Blatcher, Isaac Tiebout.

We wish you all a wonderful day!!


Friday 25 February - Year 6 Mass (streamed)

Tues 1 March - Year 6 Beach Safety

Wed 2 March - Ash Wednesday Mass 8:45am (No Parents - streamed)

Friday 4 March - Year 5 Performance Assembly 8:45am (No Parents - streamed)

Monday 7 March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 8 March - Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 15 March - Year 6 Beach Safety

Tuesday 22 March - First Reconciliation 12pm at SFOA (no parents)

Friday 25 March - Year 5 Class Mass 8:45am (No Parents - streamed)


Please click on the flyers below to read the latest Camp Australia Newsletter and information about bookings for 8th March (Pupil Free Day).


Dear Parents,

All Payment Options Form must be returned to the school office by tomorrow Friday 25th February. Please return your form even if you have paid school fees in full or have already set up a Direct Debit plan with myself.

If you have a 2022 Health Care Card (HCC), please update these details to ensure you receive your fee discount this year. The HCC discount for the whole year will not be given if you bring in your current card in the middle of the year and expect to be given a discount for the whole year. The discount given will be pro-rata. Therefore if you have a current HCC it is imperative that you send in a copy to the office ASAP.

Kind regards,

Geneve Bastian


* Please note the uniform shop is operating ONLY for online orders, orders must be placed by Monday morning 9:00am. Due to restrictions we are unable to have children do try-ons.

Monday: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Where: NEW LOCATION - Operating out of the demountable at the rear of the school!

Ph: (08) 9204 1701

Address: 1/85 Guthrie St, Osborne Park 6017