Wisconsin All Stars

The Details

I left on July 30th at around 6 am for a select All Star Tournament. It was a 7 hour drive from Suamico, Wisconsin to Jacksonville, Illinois. I traveled with my dad, one of my friends, Jake Berg, and his dad. My teammates were Call Verlanic and Andrew Thomas. Also, kids from the Breen Bay Area, and the Milwaukee area. The tournament was held in Jacksonville, Illinois, which is in the southwest corner of Illinois. I decided to go because I wanted to see how I compared to the best baseball players in the state, and there was scouts from colleges watching the games. It was a good choice too, because I hit my first home run! That was one of the best baseball tournament ever!

Connection to Science

Newtons 1st law: "An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." When I pitch, the ball would continue to stay at the same speed and direction, unless the batter swings and hits it, or the catcher catches it. However gravity does affect the ball. It pulls it down. So as a pitcher, you have to throw the ball a little high so it will drop into the strike zone.

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Mechanics of the Body: When batting, you never want to have an upper cut swing. This is because your have a worse chance to make contact. When your swing is level, your bat stays through the strike zone longer. When your have an upper cut, your bat path has less of a chance because it doesn't stay through the strike zone as long.


1) What's the difference between BBCore bats and aluminum bats?

2) Why do knuckle balls move so much?

3) How does a pitcher throw a gyro ball?

4) How would you cork a bat?