Substance abuse


How does Molly affect society, families or communities?

The recent deaths of four young people have brought to light the dangers of the drug that America’s youth don't seem to be taking seriously. Over Labor Day weekend, two young people died at a concert in New York and another person died in Boston. The remainder of the Electric Zoo Festival at Randall’s Island in New York was canceled because of the suspected Molly-related deaths and after several other people were taken from the concert in critical condition. Authorities suspect the death of a University of Virginia student over the weekend was also caused by the drug.

This drug is killing young adults that have a family and have a full life ahead of them. The young adults thinking they are about to have a good time but some of them it turns out to be fatal.

What is the cost to society of monitoring and controlling Molly?

Obviously not a lot is being done to stop and control this. People are more worried about weed when weed has never killed anyone. People know if you go to a concert then you can definitely find it there being sold, even sold to teens that could die. Even now-a-day rap videos are promoting molly saying they take it to have a good time and to be cool.