The War of 1812

By: Kris O'Neill

What started the war

The war started because the british and french were in a war together. So America didn't want war with either one so we decided not to trade with either one. This made England mad so they started blockades on American ships. They also got the indians to start to rebel against America. When America found out it was Britain behind the attacks president James Madison wrote a letter to England telling them to stop and if they didn't they were declaring war against England. Congress meet to decide if they should or not there plans were to take Canada to expand America. The british had taken American sailors from their ship and made them work on British ships. Congress had decided to declare war because England hadn't sent a message on wether or not they would stop. When america got the word that Britain would stop the blockades and getting the indians to rebel. America had already tried three times to take Canada. Unsuccessful america had received the letter and stopped all attempts on Canada this was the end of the war of 1812.