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"Everyday is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind you and start over again. That's the way life is." - Bob Feller

This quote is applicable to all of us. Last week, we had many successes. Academic UIL finishing first, and the Robotics Team qualifying for an FLL Invitational being great examples. However, many of us probably had moments we wish we could have back, students and teachers included. I would encourage each of you to continue to grind through the failures and celebrate the successes! In times of frustration, encourage the students to do the same.


- Kudos to Academic UIL and the Robotics Club!

-Good luck to One Act Play who competes on Tuesday at 10!

-Technology issues should be reported to Denise Brademan as you discover them. Please don't allow a technology problem to sit unreported.

-Procedural reminder: Have a hard copy of your class roster to submit attendance on in the event of internet or grade book malfunction.

- Have a plan for Eagle Time these last few weeks. "We weren't doing anything" is usually the quote students give after making poor decisions.

- If you're paying $15 for jeans, get your money into Candice or Sheila ASAP. I'd like to turn this money in before the end of the week.

- Final exams begin a week from Wednesday (see schedule below). Make an attempt to wrap up final units and reviews this week.

- Using class time to review for final exams is great...make sure we include activities that keep the students engaged.

- I'm sharing with you a meeting schedule. Set up a time to come by and talk. The meeting will take about 15 minutes. There are times available all day Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. When you receive the document, enter your first and last name and it should automatically edit and share it with the group. If none of these times work for you, email me and we'll work something out.

Weekly Calendar:

Mon - 12/7

Lesson Plans - 8:00 AM

Dept head 3:40

WB @ Academy 5:00

BB vs Academy 5:00

Tues - 12/8

One Act Play - Cameron - 10 AM

Wed - 12/9

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - Plan to wear the ugliest sweater ever!

Thurs - 12/10

Lots of Learning

Fri - 12/11

Lots of Learning

December Birthdays:

Don Goerner - Dec 7

Sarah Vann - Dec 7

Upcoming Dates to Remember

12/7 - WB @ Academy, BB vs Academy

12/8 - OAP @ Cameron

12/9 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

12/14 - BB @ Cameron, Band Concert

12/16 - 3rd & 4th Final Exams, PIE meeting 6:30 PM Library

12/17 - 2nd, 6th, & 8th Final Exams, School Board meeting 7PM CO

12/18 - 1st, 5th, & 7th Final Exams, Early Release, Staff Party @ 1:30

12/21 - Happy Holidays!

1/4 - Teacher Work Day, Student Holiday

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