1940-1949 Technology

The top 8 technology in the 1940's!

New Medicine

Antibiotic penicillane was Devoloped in 1941; which was made at that time to help millatary personnal to survive war wounds.
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More medicine was developed for the war efforts and this antibiotic was for Tuberculose

A succesful Flight

On may 15, 1940 the vaught sik or sky corporation did the completely succesful helicopter flight.

Electron microsccope

A New Microscope

The first high resolation electron microscope was invented in 1940. this led to finding more cures and discoveries later in time.
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Go crazy for microwaves!

The first microwave oven appeared in the 1940's,but this opened more rapid advancment in radar technology during world war II.
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Beware The atomic bomb!

Atomic bomb was invented in 1945. As a result of the big war that was happening at that time. Many nuclear weapons were developed after this major discovery later in time.
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Velcro was invented in 1948. you probably have seen them on your shoes and in other things that you wear.
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First Computer

in 1941 the Atanasoff Berry Computer ( ABC)/ was invented. The discovery of this computer was actually funded by the united States army.
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First Missle!

Despite The missle's invention in 1942, The guided missle was not used in war until 1944.