Marine West coast

by: Kyleigh , Sierra, Brooklyn, Amber

What it looks like?

National Park of Washington States Forests

What Biomes exist within this Climate Zone and why?

Tundra, High altitudes on mountains Boreas forest, because of their high tree.

Where s the climate zone found? Why?

National Park of Washington states Forests, because it's midway between the tropics and the Antarctic Circle

What is the weather or climate like in the climate zone?

Warm to cold in summer and moist all year

Annual Precipitation is 32 in.

mediterranean sea

What it looks like?

dry, composed of shrubs and woodlands, cactus and other water storing plants.

What Biomes exist within this climate zone and Why?

Chaparral biome, very dry during the summer.

Where is this climate zone found? Why?

west coast of America ,west coast of south America, cape town area of south Africa, western tip of Australia, and coastal areas of the Mediterranean

What is the weather or climate like in this climate zone?

Average annual rainfall is 10-20 inches