Andrew Jackson

Hero, or Villain?

His nickname-"King Andrew"

  • he was like a dictator as president

  • Abused veto power (used veto 12 times)

  • Used popularity and power to fill his cabinet with loyal, democratic followers

  • Labeled king by cartoonists.

  • Know to reward people for helping him with government jobs.


  • Source of Andrews wealth.

  • owned around 150 slaves at the time of his death.

  • wanted his slaves to be treated well ( told overseer to “that he was to treat them with great humanity, feed and clothe them well, and work them in moderation.” but he could be cruel and whip them.

  • Wanted an overseer tried for murder for killing a slave.

  • Thought of his plantation as a normal business practice

Jacksonian Democracy and Universal White Male Sufferage

From 1810 to 1840 political life in the US became more democratic

-Democratic Expansion- expansion of suffrage

-Starting in Maryland state after state in the 1810s and 1820s started easing voting rights

-ensured that most white men could vote

-Number of voters greatly increased by the 1820s

-Political movement during the second party system toward greater democracy for the common man

-Promoted the strength of the president and executive branch

Spoils System

The practice after a president is elected to give its supporters, family and friends jobs in office to award them to working towards victory.

-Jackson did this after winning his presidency

-A mob of office speakers headed for Jackson to try to get jobs from him after his inauguration into office.

-Many people were taken out of office due to this

-In one year 423 posts makers were deprived of their jobs and most were very good workers.

Bank War

  • he was concerned about the bank’s constitutionality

  • Jackson said that the bank would not kill him because he would kill it

  • Jackson’s opposition to the bank became an obsession

  • he vetoed the bank recharter bill

  • he also ordered that the government’s deposits be removed and placed in state banks

Peggy Eaton Affair

  • she was the wife of Jackson’s Secretary of war; John Eaton

  • she had a reputation of a beauty

  • other wives of public officials ostracised her; causing a problem in Jackson’s administration

  • she was suspected of having many affairs before her marriage

  • her first husband was suspected to be suicide

Role in War of 1812

  • he was a major general

  • Sent to New Orleans to defend against the incoming British attacks.

  • Defeated 7500 men at New Orleans and forced the British to retreat.

  • Named “Hero of New Orleans”

  • claimed he was “born for the storm” of life in America

Indian Relocation/Trail of Tears

  • Jackson pursued for the Indians Tribes to be removed from their Ancestral lands.

  • The removing of the indians would free up space for the americans heading west.

  • The removals were often brutal and not just removing them with words but physically making them leave.

  • A war resulted out of the indians rebelling

  • The indians made their own language after they settled

Tariff of Abominations

  • The Tariff was a heavy tax on imports designed to boost american manufacturing

  • South carolina didn’t want the tariff for their state

  • Jackson ordered 50,000 federal troops to enforce the law

Hero Or Villain

We all agreed that Jackson was a villain. We decided this because it seems like he only cares about himself. For instanse the Indian Relocation, Jackson forced the Indians to leave their own ancestral territory. This incident shows that Jackson only cares about himself and doesn't care about anyone else as long as he gets what he wants.
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