Aaliyah Webb 4/Ms.Green

Coral Reef

Coral Reef Foodweb

Primary consumers in the coral reef are: Zooplankton, Shrimp, Clams, and Microscopic Organisms. Primary consumers eat the producers; they're herbivores.

Secondary consumers eat the primary consumers; they're carnivores (sometimes omnivores). Secondary consumers in the coral reef are: Larger fish, octopi, and squid.

Tertiary consumers are carnivores at the topmost level on the fooodchain; feeds on secondary consumers. Tertiary consumers in the coral reef are: sharks.

Coral Reef Foodweb

A primary consumer is: Zooplankton, they eat producers they're herbivores. (marine algae)

A secondary consumer is a: Sea Eagle they eat the primary consumer.(clown fish)

A tertiary consumer is a: White-Flipped Shark they're on the top of the food chain, it feeds on secondary consumer.(sea eagle)

How Humans are Impacting the Coral Reef


Chemical Pollution which messes with the reproduction and growth rate of fish and other organisms in the ocean.

Another one is over fishing which decreases the fish population.

And tourists who aren't very familiar with the environment and end up damaging it.


Marine park zoning it preserves the habitat for all the organisms in the habitat.

And artificial reefs, they fix and help damaged coral reefs.