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Round Table Night

Wed., Jan 15th (Forest Ave Store)

5th graders to visit Marsh

Thurs., Jan 16th 9:00am

Book & Blanket

Thur., Jan. 16th 6:00– 7:00


Mon., Jan. 20

Cheetah Den

Fri., Jan 24

Attendance Makeup Day

Sat., Jan. 25th 8:30-12:30

ELAC Meeting

Thurs., Jan. 30th 9:00am in library

100th day of School

Thurs., Jan 30th



Little Chico Creek School : 530-891-3285

LCC Fax: 530-895-3288

Chico Unified: 530-891-3000

Nutrition Services: 530-891-3021

CARD After School Care: 530-895-4711

Boys and Girls Club: 530-899-0335

Kristen Schrock (Principal):

Jenna Johnson (School Coun.)

Georgia Stephens (Office Mngr):

Lisa Gampel (Attendance Clerk):

Josie Harrison (Health Aide):

Kari Fashing (PTSO President)

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THANK YOU LCC for an amazing fundraiser! We raised $1500 that will be donated to the Chico Animal Shelter!


The Cheetah Den (our school store) will be open again on Friday, January 24. If you are interested in helping run the store, please contact PTSO or Christi Bangsund at


ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee) meetings are starting back up again!! Our EL students are currently preparing for the ELPAC. How do you know if your child is an EL learner? A language form was completed regarding language used by the student at home. If any of those questions were a language other than English, your student is considered an EL student, and is receiving EL services. What’s ELPAC? The English Language Proficiency Assessments for California consists of two ELP assessments: the initial identification of students as English learners (ELs), and a second for the annual summative assessment to measure a student’s progress in learning English and to identify the student's level of English proficiency. Students will being testing in February.

Come join us Thursday, January 30th at 9am in the library, for an informative meeting!

Hope to see you there!

FAMILY BOOK AND BLANKET NIGHT Thursday, January 16th from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Children and parents of all ages are invited to the cafeteria. Bring your favorite books to read, a blanket or something to sit on and you can even wear your pajamas! All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.


Please join us at the Forest Ave Round Table Jan. 15th from 5:00-8:00PM. All orders will help the LCC 5th grade classrooms. We will also have baked goods on sale. If you would like to donate for the baked goods sale please drop off items to the office on Jan. 15th by 2:30pm.


Don't forget to turn in your Form 10 if you wish for your student to attend a school other than your school of residence for the upcoming school year. The Form 10 must be completed by January 23rd to make our lottery. The Form 10 is only available on the Chico Unified School District website.

Attendance Matters- 2020 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION

For both students and parents- BE ON TIME FOR SCHOOL. The simplest plan for being punctual at school is to arrive 15 minutes early. This might sound easy, but life often gets in the way of completing this goal. So here is a simple step-by-step strategy to make sure this happens:

1. Track how long it takes to get ready in the morning.

2. Know how long it takes to commute to school – in a “worst case” scenario.

3. Add 33% more time to the total time of your morning routine and commute.

4. Avoid checking email or voicemail before walking out the door.

5. Arrange all your important items the night before (clothes, shoes, backpack, lunch).

6. Never let your gas tank go under a 1/4 full.

7. Avoid the trap of “just one more thing.”

Do a fun activity while walking or driving, like singing a song or playing “I Spy” so you’ll look forward to the walk or drive.

This new habit will help your child have a positive attitude about their day. No longer will they be looked at by the students and teacher as they walk in late to class, whether it is one minute or 25 minutes. This is a positive habit that if developed early, will last a lifetime.


· Parent/guardians MUST report absences or else the unverified absences lead to unnecessary truancy. is the preferred way to report an absence. Or call 891-3285.

· Avoid unnecessary absences. Some absences are unavoidable, like a contagious illness. What is important is getting children to school as often as possible. If your child has an injury of some sort, we will make accommodations so your child can attend and not risk missing a day of school.

· Developing the habit of attendance prepares students for success on the job and in life.


Form 10s for the 2020-2021 school year are now available online at the Chico Unified School District website. A form 10 must be completed if you wish for your student to attend a school other than your school of residence. To see what school your student will attend based on your residence, please log onto the Chico Unified School District website. Type in school locator on the search bar. Follow the prompts. From the locater page type in your home address, hit enter. From the dialogue box, click #2. Your schools of residence will then appear on the left side of the screen. If you wish for your student to attend a school not listed in the column, you must complete a Form 10 by January 23rd to make our lottery.


You may now order your yearbook online at! Our school code is 18445. Yearbook cost is $20. Online payment may be made by credit card or E-check. Final date to pre-order yearbooks is April 3rd, 2020. Fliers will be sent home with students in early November, if your prefer to pay by check/cash.

Do you have photos from school events that would be great to include in the yearbook? You may share photos you would like to be considered for possible inclusion in the yearbook by clicking on the e-share link at (enter school code 18445) and follow the instructions.


Attention LCC visitors and volunteers: Please come to the main office to Sign in and Sign out electronically using the iPad on the counter. Visitor/volunteer lanyards are available to wear during your visit.


The first Attendance Make-up Day of the year will be on Sat. Dec. 14th from 8:30am - 12:30pm. Come for half a day and get a FULL day absence erased from your record! Please be on the look out for the sign up form so we are ready for your student. You may also call 891-3285 to RSVP.


Greetings LCC Families! Chico Unified is now providing an excellent service to all students of CUSD and their families. Care Solace is a service that will do the leg work of connecting people to counseling services. Parents looking for counseling for themselves or their students are able to utilize the website to find a local therapist. Care Solace also offers a 24 hr, 7 day/wk service that will navigate insurance, look at availability and wait times of local resources, and help families schedule appointments with trusted mental health providers. They take the work of researching and scheduling with local providers off your plate!

Contact them today at, or by calling 888-515-0595

If you want additional help utilizing their service, please just contact Jenna Johnson, school counselor at 891-3285.


Help us restock the shelves in our SUPER POPULAR school store, The Cheetah Den! In conjunction with our PTSO, we would love your help restocking the shelves!

We have made an wish list of items that can be donated to our store:


Q. If my child is currently attending LCC on a Form 10, do I need to complete another Form 10 for the 2020-21 school year?

A. No, if your child will be attending LCC again it is not necessary to complete a new form. They will roll over into LCC enrollment each and every year they attend LCC.

Q. My student has attended LCC on a form 10 but we want to transfer my child back to our neighborhood school. DO we automatically get a spot in that school?

A. No. Attending a school on a Form 10 disqualifies your neighborhood eligibility. You will be required to complete a Form 10 to return to the neighborhood school.

Q. My 5th grader wants to attend a Jr. High outside our neighborhood school. Do we need to complete a Form 10 right away?

A. Absolutely. The deadline for the lottery is January 23rd complete the Form 10 as soon as possible.

Q. My 5th grader is already on a Form 10 at LCC but wants to attend a Jr. High outside our neighborhood school. Do we need to complete a Form 10 for Jr. High?

A. Absolutely. The deadline for the lottery is January 23rd complete the Form 10 as soon as possible.


The majority of unkind behaviors on the LCC campus are conflicts between students and do not meet the definition of bullying. Such situations are addressed through our Reflection process and restorative conversations and are often resolved with adult guidance and support.

What is bullying? Bullying behaviors are intentional and aggressive that include:

· An Imbalance of Power: use of power to control and/or harm others

· Repetition: aggressive behaviors that happen repeatedly over time

These situations will be fully investigated and responded to with diligence and a variety of appropriate actions and/or discipline. Because our goal is to find solutions and teach children to become resilient and kind, the victim and the bully will both receive extensive support from our social/emotional wellness team and staff will be advised to closely monitor or minimize all future interactions.


LCC parents, come have a fresh cup of coffee and pastry on us! Meet and chit chat with the principal, school counselor, librarian aide, Targeted Case Manager, PTSO and parent liaison. Every parent is welcome to come!


Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will be held on the following dates at the locations indicated below. To enter Kindergarten in the fall, a child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2020. To enter Transitional Kindergarten, a child must turn five between September 2, 2020 and December 2, 2020. Parents should register their children at the school serving their residence area. Proof of residence is required. An online school locator program is available at Parents can input their address and find out their resident school.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the school registration on the designated dates. Priority will be assigned based on the date of registration. The time of day that registration occurs will not constitute a priority. All children will be enrolled, but some may have to attend a school other than the one serving their residence area. Before arriving at Kindergarten Registration, parents can begin the registration process by completing the online registration form found at

The following are required to consider the child’s registration complete: (1) proof of date of birth (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or other legal proof), (2) two forms verifying proof of residency, and (3) written immunization record from a physician, nurse, or health department. Children must be immunized for MMR - measles, mumps and rubella (German measles), polio, DTaP - diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough), Hepatitis B, and Varicella (chicken pox) prior to school entry. State law requires students beginning Kindergarten have all required immunizations. Students missing immunizations will not be able to start school until we received these records.

For information regarding the Hands-on Thematic Learning Community program, contact Hooker Oak School, 891-3119; for information regarding the Academics Plus program, contact Sierra View School, 891-3117; for information regarding the STEM Program, contact Parkview School at 891-3114; and for information regarding the Two-Way Immersion Program, contact Rosedale School, 891-3104. Applications for these alternative programs, as well as Form 10 School of Choice applications, will be available at the time of registration.


PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. PBIS creates an academic environment that maximizes academic and social behavioral outcomes for ALL students. LCC has just been formally

recognized by the California PBIS Coalition as a PLATINUM implementation school for our successful program! This is a HUGE accomplishment and recognizes the hard work that parents, staff, and students do everyday to reinforce positive behavior! LCC will be recognized at the 4th Annual California PBIS Conference in Sacramento and on the Coalition’s website here: has seen a drastic decrease in disciplinary referrals throughout the years and we are so excited to show California that our school is rocking the PBIS program.


Check out is an online shopping mall where over 350 nationally-known merchants have agreed to give a percentage of sales to our school. Companies like Walmart, Sears, Target, Disney Store, Family Book Store and Barnes & Noble participate. Get shopping!!


Get your smencils in the library for only $1. Smencils are No. 2 scented pencils made completely from recycled newspapers. They come in awesome scents like root beer, grape soda, watermelon, cotton candy, and more. These high-quality products have a scent that lasts for up to two years, and children love to collect the various designs and scents.


LCC Student Leadership, students and teachers will be collecting used markers that are ready to be discarded. Please help support our efforts by sending your kids in with any used markers you may have around the house, even non-Crayola brands! Highlighters and dry erase markers can also be included. Drop-off boxes will be located around the school for your child to deposit the markers. Thank you Mrs. Palmer for bringing this to LCC and Ms. Klein for organizing and collecting the items.


AERIES COMMUNICATION is the way of our future:

By now you have all received a message from Little Chico Creek introducing the new Aeries Communication system. It is the way teachers, staff and the district will now communicate with parents regarding general announcements and emergency announcements. Parents must have the Aeries Parent Portal account created in order to set up Aeries Communication. Please contact the office immediately to obtain the data needed to open the account. Thank you.


Chico Unified School District is transitioning to a new parent communication system.

Our new Aeries Communication system will allow you, as the parent/guardian, to customize how you receive school messages. We encourage you to share both positive, and constructive, feedback. You can provide feedback by visiting the Chico Unified website.

As we test this new communication system, you may receive duplicate test messages throughout January and February (one from our existing communication system and one message from our new system); this is an effort to ensure the new system is reaching all of our parents.

How to Ensure You Receive School Communication, Information and Emergency Alerts:

· Login to your Aeries Parent Portal and Confirm all Contact Information

· An opt-in message was sent to all cell phones on Wednesday, 12/19/18. If you wish to receive communication via text messages, then please make sure your text messaging option is enabled

· Provide feedback – we will be launching this communication system district-wide, so your feedback is an integral component of a successful implementation. We greatly appreciate any feedback you are willing to share with us.

We are very excited about this new program and hope that it will help us connect with you regarding important school events and information. If you have any questions, then please feel free to visit us in the main office or call Chico Unified School District at (530) 891-3000 ext. 149.

Thank you for participating, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


“Give kids a smile” is the American Dental Association’s (ADA) annual campaign for uninsured children, ages 1 –12, and takes place during National Children's Dental Health Month. During the campaign, more than 1 million children nationwide will receive free dental care. Call the number for more information or to reserve an appointment. Contact information 893-4044


To edit or add contacts login to the Parent Portal (to delete a contact you must contact the main office)

Hover over Student Info tab

Select Data Confirmation BEFORE selecting contacts!

Select Contacts

To edit a contact record, select Change

To add a new contact, select Add

Save changes

Be Safe—Be Respectful—Be Responsible

We all strive to set a good example for our children. That is especially important on our school campus where many children are watching.

Please be a positive influence in our school community and demonstrate our school values at every opportunity.

¨ Be safe and courteous in the parking lot. Drive slowly and stop at crosswalks.

¨ Do not park in handicapped or reserved parking spaces without permission.

¨ Do not leave cars unattended in the fire zone.

¨ Always sign in and out at the office when visiting and wear your sticker at all times on campus.


Academic time is a protected time at Little Chico Creek so classroom interruptions are strongly discouraged. We realize an urgent message may need to be delivered to a student on occasion. However, we encourage the parents and students to work together before school to make sure the students leave with their backpacks, homework, lunches, band instruments, snacks, etc. Thank you for your cooperation.


Have you heard about our new mascot? Meet HERO. Thank you PTSO for LCC’s newest addition.


LCC Klean Kanteens are here! They are available in two sizes: small (lunchbox size) or large. This is a fabulous fundraiser – plus they make great holiday gifts! Klean Kanteen is a local company offering us their superior product at a special discounted price. The 12oz size is $20 and the 16oz is $25. We have green, black, purple, red, and teal. Personalizing available. Please inquire with PTSO or the main office to order.


Parents, show your cheetah pride and purchase a T-shirt. They are $6 each. See PTSO or Ms. Amy in the library.


Clipping box tops from product packages that you use regularly is an easy way to support our school. Please send your neatly trimmed Box Tops to school in a sealed bag or envelope.


Little Chico Creek Sign Out Policy- If your child is leaving campus during school hours, your child will be called to the office ONLY once you have arrived to sign him or her out. Please keep this in mind and give extra time in the event the students are not in their classroom. No exceptions.


If an incident occurs at a school, we ask that parents not go directly to the school. Keeping clear access for emergency vehicles is essential - possibly a matter of life or death - and we depend upon your cooperation to help make this possible.

Please avoid calling your child's school during a crisis, since very likely the call cannot be answered. We need to keep the school phone lines open for emergency support contacts.

In times of emergency, a variety of local media will be used to provide information. Parents should tune into local major radio and television stations, call the district office at (530) 891-3000, ext. 911, visit our website for emergency updates, or our Facebook page (ChicoUSD). Also, please be sure to give the school your current phone numbers and email addresses so messages can be sent directly to you regarding emergency situations.



A child shall be excluded from attendance at school when he/she exhibits one or more of the following signs of communicable disease:

Temperature at or above 100 degrees F. Fevoer must be gone for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol or other NSAID before child can return to school.

Questionable skin lesions: oozing, purulent, crusty, itching, blistery, inflamed, bleeding or rashes. Variations in student’s normal behavior, e.g. unusually fussy, lethargic or irritable. Symptoms of abdominal discomfort, e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, pain, distention or excessive gas. Upper respiratory symptoms, e.g. coughing, difficulty breathing, sore throat, copious nasal discharge or green discharge from the nose. The child is suspected or known to have an infectious disease with high communicable potential.

A credentialed school nurse, either by phone consultation, or if available, will examine any child suspected of having a communicable disease and will make the recommendation regarding exclusion.

This procedure has been adopted for the safety and well-being of your child, his/her classmates and all staff members.

The student can be readmitted to school with either a doctor’s note or when he/she is well and 24 hours symptom free (i.e. fever free, diarrhea free, etc.)

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Class starts at 8:30AM, first bell rings at 8:25AM and students should be in their class line on the playground. Supervision for students on campus begins at 8:00AM on the playground. We ask that students arrive as close to the starting as possible. If students arrive earlier than 8:00AM, they are to report to the cafeteria where they will sit quietly until the 8:00 bell rings. Breakfast is served at 7:45am. Please do not arrive before 7:45am.


Parking White Zones are strictly for loading or unloading of passengers. You may NOT leave your car unattended during this time. You may occupy the white zone for a maximum of three minutes. Red zones are for emergency vehicles and designated for buses ONLY. No parking at any time! (California Penal Code, Section 21458 Curb Markings). Please be aware, violations of the above could result in a parking ticket administered by the Chico Police Department. Please use the designated parking lots on Amanda Way and Hartford Dr. Please do not park in the reserved places in the Amanda Way parking lot.


Have you been searching for the jacket your child wore to school, but never made it home? We are overflowing with items that have not been found yet. Please come take a look.


Student meals cannot be shared with other students, siblings or parents. Additional breakfast/lunch can be purchased if parents or siblings would like to join their student for breakfast or lunch. Our breakfast and lunch program is a state funded program and this is a requirement of the state. Breakfast is served 7:45-8:20am. After 8:20am students will need to take their meal back to class with them so they will not be tardy.

ATTENDANCE POLICY per California Ed Code

The State of California is cracking down on truancies, especially at the elementary schools. This means the schools will be sending out all truancy letters without hesitation. There are currently laws in place that can charge parents fines for their children's chronic truancies. We would like to educate LCC parents on what constitutes truancy. If your child is absent and you do not let the school know the reason, then the absence is recorded as unverified. If your child is out of school because of vacation or family illness as well as other reasons, these absences are considered unexcused. California Education code requires that the school send letters home.

3 Unexcused/Unverified absences= Truancy Letter #1

4 Unexcused/Unverified absences= Truancy Letter #2

Meet with Principal to sign Attendance Contract

5 Unexcused/Unverified absences= Truancy Letter #3

SARB* Hearing at District Office

Law enforcement and truancy court can get involved if a SARB contract is broken.

*The SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) involves representatives from Butte County Child Welfare, the school district and the student’s school.

Please understand this information is not intended to scare parents, only to inform you of the truancy process as lawmakers are in the stages of writing various bills regarding truancies. The best advice we can give parents is to make sure you call in your child’s absence the day of the absence, bring in doctors notes if they are absent due to illness and do not pull your children out of school for unexcused reasons (vacations). If you absolutely must pull your child out of school for unexcused reasons and your child will be absent 5 or more days, please ask about the Independent Study Program (ISP) and the absences will not be recorded as unexcused. The attendance office will be happy to assist you with the ISP paperwork. An ISP will only be valid if the office is notified in advance of the absence so we can let the teacher know and arrange for homework to be gathered for your student.

We hope these attendance procedures will help both the school and parents work together in a cooperative manner towards our common goal of increasing each child’s success in school. As parents, you have a great deal to do with the establishment of regular and punctual student attendance habits. Your cooperation and support of our attendance procedures will be greatly appreciated.