Dual Enrollment - Student Meeting

Earn college credit while in high school - FOR FREE!!!

Dual Enrollment offers eligible students of all grades the opportunity to take college coursework while still enrolled in Lakeland High School.

Sound like something you might be interested in for 1st semester of the 2019/2020 school year? See Mrs. Roberts, Counseling Secretary, to receive a pass to the Dual Enrollment Information Session on June 5th during seminar in the LGI.

How Dual Enrollment Works

The school district, who receives money from the State of Michigan for you as a student, is required by law to offer the opportunity for eligible students to participate in dual enrollment (and pay for it!). In Huron Valley, this means about $630 per course taken.

For most Lakeland students who dual enroll through Oakland Community College, this covers the entire tuition cost for the course (and even leaves some money leftover to reimburse part of your textbook purchases!).

Steps to Dual Enroll:

  • Get a pass to attend the informational meeting during Seminar on June 5th.
  • Notify your counselor (even if you're currently in dual enrollment or have previously dual enrolled).
  • Research where you want to take a college course, what type of course you want to take, and see if the course is offered at a time that works around your existing high school and activity schedules.
  • Complete required paperwork (college application/registration steps, dual enrollment application, and verification of enrollment) with Mrs. Alfano in the Counseling Office.
  • Take the course, earn a good grade, and submit your grades to Mrs. Alfano in the Counseling Office.

Why Dual Enrollment?

Common reasons why many students take dual enrollment classes:
  • A senior who has met most of his/her high school graduation requirements and wants to take relevant, challenging courses to prepare for college.
  • Any student who wants to take a course that we don't offer at Lakeland or that cannot fit into his/her high school schedule.
  • Any student who has maxed out our curriculum in a particular area and wants to take a more challenging class than Lakeland offers.

Other perks for dual enrollment:

  • You get release time for one hour of your high school schedule for each dual enrollment course you take. (Ex. A senior taking American Sign Language at OCC has release time for 6th hour on her Lakeland schedule. She gets to leave every day after 5th hour.)
  • You get documented high school credit (no grade) and you have earned college credit on your college transcript.
  • You can start fulfilling general education requirements for a bachelor's degree program with your dual enrollment coursework.

Other Requirements for Dual Enrollment

  • Students must schedule dual enrollment courses around their high school schedule. Students CANNOT enroll in a course that conflicts with the required attendance for high school classes.
  • Must submit all paperwork by required deadlines (college application, dual enrollment application, verification of enrollment).
  • Cannot take courses that are a hobby, craft, recreational or in the areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education.
  • Minimum Qualifying Scores