Dolphin Digest CELEBRATION Edition

May 14, 2022

A Note From Dr. Elliott

Good Evening Disney Families,

Happy May! We only have 8 days left of school. Our last day is May 25th. Our last day will be a full day of school. Great news is, it's not over yet! We have much celebrating, learning and fun to be had. A couple recognitions:

  • Thank you parents and PTA for making our Teacher Appreciation Week one of joy and heartfelt appreciation. We value our partnership in teaching amazing little humans to be the best they can be!
  • Thank you Mrs. Tillery, Mrs. Sexton and Coach Adams for planning some great events at the end of the year!
  • Thank you classroom and special service teachers for constantly holding our students to the highest of expectations. All children are capable of greatness.

Mission Statement Chosen

After hearing some great feedback from parents and our staff, we have landed on Disney's new mission statement.

Engage. Encourage. Educate. Empower.

These words totally encompass all we do here at Disney. Every forward decision will be based on these words. Our Leadership Team will work on a Vision Statement to present in the fall, gather feedback and finalize with the feedback. After that, I will be asking for a committee of parents to serve as our Parents' Collective Commitments Committee. This team will create commitment statements that represent how our parent community will also serve with these four words as our guide.

Engage-Engagement captures the idea that students are connected to Disney. They are connected with their classmates, their teacher, all staff, and the school community as a whole. In addition, engagement represents the dedication that staff will commit to, so that students see the purpose in learning. Learning will remain student-centered. Students will be part of the social, emotional, educational community and feel safe to engage in their learning.

Encourage-Disney will continue to use PBIS and other research-based classroom management and culture building methods to ensure students feel safe and respected in their learning. We will remain positive and hold students to high expectations, so they are also encouraged to take educational risks and become self-regulated and self-motivated to be a problem solver.

Educate-Disney will focus on using student-centered, research-based best instructional practices to provide the best education for our students. We will adhere to the state, district standards and provide resources that will reach all levels of learners. We will meet students where they are to provide individual interventions that promote student success.

Empower-Disney will provide students opportunities that let them explore how to be a problem-solver, generalize their learning to other subjects, grade levels and apply their learning to outside the classroom walls. Disney will provide opportunities for students to understand how they learn best and provide them with learning tools and practices that will continue to allow students to be independent lifelong learners.


Please complete this survey to help SPS prioritize the needs of students for the 2022-23 school year. Please complete by May 23.

Parent Survey Link:

Chromebook Collection

Earlier this month you received an email to let you know about plans for collecting district-provided Chromebooks and Kindergarten iPads, as well as hotspots. I am following up with more information about how and when your child should return these items.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Students in Wonder Years and Kindergarten will turn in their iPads in their classroom. Kindergarten will return their iPads, chargers and headphones to their classroom teacher on Friday, May 20th.

Grades 1-4 Students in grades 1 through 4 ENROLLED in Explore, should keep their Chromebooks for the summer. Students are expected to return with the same Chromebook in August. Failure to do so may result in a fine. We have a list of students who are currently enrolled in Explore.

Students in grades 1 through 4 NOT ENROLLED in Explore, should return their device on Wednesday, May 18th. Materials to be turned in are headphones, chargers and Chromebook.

If you know your child will not be returning to SPS in the fall AND they are not taking an Explore class this summer, they should return their device on Wed. May, May 18

Grades 5 Students in grades 5 should keep their Chromebooks for the summer. Students are expected to return with the same Chromebook in August. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

22-23 School Year Need to Know Dates August 19-Meet the Teacher Times to Be Determined August 19-Kindergarten Orientation Time to Be Determined August 22-FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 7:20 AM START TIME 2:20 PM END TIME September 13-Disney University/Open House 5:30pm-7:00pm

Thank you for a great first year at Disney. It has been great getting to visit with you.

Your partner in education,

Dr. Lori Elliott

Disney Principal

APRIL Rally of the Dolphins Recognition

Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Gott's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Walker's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Williamson's Kindergarten Class

What's Going On with Reading?


RIF Distribution for 1-2nd grade on May 19th

Scholastic Summer Book Distribution May 18 TBD

Mrs. Brown's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Dickerson's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Graffi's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Kennedy's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Biellier's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Breshear's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Clearwater's 2nd Grade Class

Miss Lehman's 2nd Grade Class

Cardinals Night Fun

Mrs. Blakey's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Hughes 3rd Grade Class

Miss Saxton's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Schmitz's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Adams 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Hoffman's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Oliver's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Wentworth's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Fogle's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Gentry's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Grave's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Langford's 5th Grade Class

PBIS Parent Handbook

This is a working document. As we begin implementation, language and items are subject to change.

Important Dates to Remember

May 15-Art Show/Picnic in the Park 2-4pm @ Disney

May 16-STEAM Night 5-7pm @ Disney

May 17-Wear a shirt with words/a shirt you can read for Drop Everything and Read Day

May 18-3rd Grade MAP celebration @ Seminole

May 19- Talent Show 6-7:30pm

May 20-3rd Grade Field Trip to Frontier Theater

4th Grade Cardboard Carnival 1:30

May 23-2nd Grade Field Trip to Fantastic Caverns

K-1 May Rally of the Dolphins 9-10am

2-4 May Rally of the Dolphins 2:15-3:15pm

May 24- FIELD DAY!

May 25- Last Day of School

5th Grade Promotion 9am @ Disney

5th grade Celebration 1-3pm @ Disney