Mrs. Hawker's Newsletter

January 16, 2015

What Is Up In The Classroom


We are on to our measurement chapter and it is important for your student to be practicing their conversions (metric/customary) each night on their homework. To supplement homework please use the Splash Math app on the iPad. The expectation for the assessment is that your child can accurately convert metric system measurements/customary system measurements. Ex: 5m = ___ cm or 5 ft = ___ in. and also be able to complete word problems involving the conversion process. (They have a "Cheat Sheet" on page S1 and S2 in the back of their math books! )

Daily 5

We've been learning about deepening our comprehension through the Reading Coomprehension Thinking Stems. See the poster below!


We're learning about letter writing and writing summary strategies in schoology.


Please help your child remember to complete his/her home sort assignments each night! They should be practicing words each night except Monday and Friday


We just started our "Eras in Wisconsin's History" unit. Your child is investigating the different eras that make up our state's history. We are using self-paced lessons in schoology for this unit, supported by in class reading/discussion questions to help each student understand different aspects of each era and just how important they are to our history. They will take all of their answers and turn them into a presentation of their choosing at the end chapter.

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Notes from the Teacher

  • Next Tuesday (1/20) BAZINGA DAY! (I'll be conducting Running Records)
  • Recorder $ due next week
  • NO SCHOOL Next Friday (1/23)
  • Have you signed your child up for the Bowling Event? Click here for the Link
  • All the forms are due by this Friday!!
  • Interest Fair- It's always a fun learning experience for the children. Students are allowed to participate as sibling teams if they wish!!


Mrs. Hawker

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