Alan Turing

Father of modern computing

When he was born

Alan Mathison Turing a mathematician who was born on the 23 of June of 1912 the second and last child of Julius Mathison and Ethel Sara Turing, unusual the name Turing placed him in a English family gentry. Alan Turing was born in a nursing home in Paddington, London.

Facts about father and mother

Firstly, his father Julius Mathison had entered the Indian civil service and her mother Ethel Sara Turing was daughter of the chief engineer of the Madras railway.

Family of Alan Turing

Rest of his life

Alan Turing at school was like another albert einstien because he was smart an amazing mathematician, in university he some came up with the Turing machine. When he got out of school and universety he made a computer thats why we call him father of modern computing he became so famous that at World War 2

the british army called him for help because the german's send some difficult codes to solve but for Turing it was kind of easy because he practeclly he made technology and also he knew alot about computers and engneering.

Alan Turing: Great Minds