Let's Remix Earth!

The Great Cho-ga-cow

About My Animal The Chogacow?

My ecosystem animal is a chicken, dog, and a cow. I mixed them all together.I created the chogacow from the animals.Some animals aren't mixed.They can't have a lot of animals to mix together. A cow can eat grass,and a chicken can eat grass too.A dog can eat other animals.Some animals can survive in the grasslands. A dog can survive as long as it has water and food.

Looks of The Cho-ga-cow!

It has a a beak of a chicken.It has a legs,and ears of a dog.It has a body of a cow.The Cho-ga-cow has a tail like a cow but sharp to kill enemy and predators,but it's a cho-ga-cow to carry things and harm other animals to kill the cho-ga-cow.

About The Grassland

The Grassland is full of grass and water.The Grassland is where all the grass grows.

Grassland Importance

Grassland Biome