The Oasis of the Seas

world's largest ship

the largest ship...

The Oasis of the Seas is the largest luxury cruise ship on Earth.Built in 28 October 2009, it costed 800 million pounds ( $16,000,000,000 in Australian dollars) as much as the Wembley stadium. With the length of three-hundred and sixty two metres and the width of 64 metres, and five times bigger than the Titanic, it definitely must be the largest cruise ship on the planet.

think BIG

the Oasis of the Seas contains many attractions for example the inbuilt Central Park, and the mind-bogging Aqua Theatre; There are many more attractions on board. There is absolutely nothing bad about the largest luxury cruise ship. There is NOTHING in this ship that is small, absolutely everything is mammoth sized.


The Oasis of the Seas was built in Turku, Finland. Construction commenced in early 2007 and laid down on 2010. it took over a staggering three-thousand workers to build, which costed over five-hundred thousand dollars to build. The ship can accommodate over six-thousand people, including crew members. The Oasis is powered by eight 16 cylinder diesel engines, each has the power of seventeen thousand horses-the power of seventeen Buggatti Veyrons (The world's fastest production car).

prepared to say 'wow'

The Oasis of the Seas contains loads of attractions for kids and adults, with the theatre featuring Hairspray, The AquaTheatre, Wallclimb, The Fowrider and many, many more. It also contains a sports deck with tennis, basketball, put-put golf and even surfing(indoor). It also features the 'indoor' skydiving which is a little bit odd, as you have to go on top of a wind propellor but it starts before you go in and contains a fantastic 'levitating' bar.

Did You Know...

  • that 50 tonnes of ice cubes are made every day on board
  • the Oasis of the Seas is five times larger than the Titanic, and three times larger than the Queen Mary 2
  • the width of the Oasis of the Seas is larger than the wingspan of the Boeing 747