Welcome to Elizabeth City, NC

Located in Pasquotank County

County Facts

Pasquotank County is located in the Coastal Region on North Carolina and this county's county seat is Elizabeth City. It was founded in 1668 and got its name from the Algonquian Indian word "pasketanki", which means " where the current of the stream divides or forks." There are seven members on the Board of Commissioners.

Board of Commissioners

Natural Landmarks

There are many landmarks that are in the county of Pasquotank but you should surely visit a few of our county islands, for example you can find your way down to Goat Island. Or you could go take a look at the Gray Swamp.

Tourist Attractions

This county is full of excitement and has many attractions that I'm sure anybody would love. We have a Museum right in the downtown part of the county. Right around the same part of the county we have a Downtown Waterfront Market, where you can buy some pretty fresh seafood. We also have the college Elizabeth City State University and it is a very great school.
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County Borders

The county of Pasquotank is bordered by three counties and water. the three counties are Gates County, Perquimans County, and Camden County. The water that it is bordered by is the Albemarle Sound.

County Manager

The county manager is Rodney Bunch.


The government of Pasquotank County is a a council-manager type of government. The City Council appoints a city manager and the city council and mayor compromise the governing body of the city and adopt the ordinances and policies by which the city opporates.
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Hope you decide to stop through and visit us!