Lincoln High School Class of 2021!

updated 6/10/2021

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We are excited to host graduation!!

One tradition we are so very excited to announce that we can host is an in person graduation! This is one final opportunity for our students to come together as one herd to celebrate their achievements and perseverance in high school.

We WILL be holding an in person graduation on Saturday, June 12th, 2021 at 8 am in the LHS Stadium. Each graduate will be able to invite two ticketed guests. Per the CDPH guidelines, guests must be household/family members. We will be live streaming the graduation for all of the other friends family, near and far, to enjoy at home. (updated 4/14)

Important Dates/Times: (added 6/4)

  • Monday, 6/7 during advisory or after 12:30pm from the office: pick up senior checklist
  • Tuesday, 6/8-Thursday, 6/10: get checklist completed and turn it into the office to pick up 2 graduation tickets; note that all teachers will be in their classrooms on 6/8, 6/9 and 6/10 from 1:10-3 to make this process easier
  • Friday, 6/11, 8am: students arrive at the stadium for rehearsal; students cannot attend graduation if they do not attend rehearsal
  • Saturday, 6/12, 7-7:15am: students arrive to the LHS quad to assemble for graduation
  • Saturday, 6/12, 7:15am: stadium will be opened for ticketed guests; see map below for arrival gate information
  • Saturday, 6/12, 8am: graduation ceremony begins; we expect it will last 90 minutes or so
  • Saturday, 6/12, after graduation: graduates will pick up their diploma from the quad
  • Monday-Friday, 6/14-18, 7:30am-4pm: opportunity to pick up the physical diploma from the office

Graduation Attire (updated 6/10)

As published in our senior letter, appropriate attire for under the gowns includes:

  • dresses no longer than the graduation gown (not floor length)
  • blouse or shirt with a collar (dress or polo)
  • skirt/dress pants/slacks/khakis
  • shoes: flats or platform shoes (no shoes with spiked heels) or hard soled dress shoes with socks

No jeans or sweatpants are allowed

Parents - if you are seated on the field, we recommend you wear flats or shoes with a chunky heel - stilettoed style shoes will damage our turf and will make it difficult to walk safely! (added 6/10)

Caps, Gowns and Stoles, Oh My!

We distributed all orders placed through late March during our senior meeting on 4/26. If you have any questions about your orders, reach out to Mrs. Brown in the office at 916 645 6360.

If you haven't ordered your cap/gown yet, you must contact Premier Grad Products right away - / 916-435-2331. We are also selling stoles alone from the office for $10 each.

Pins, patches, and cords will be distributed separately by the teachers/departments honoring their students. Patches and pins can be affixed to the stole (be sure to use a towel between the iron and patch to avoid burning the material!).

You are encouraged to unwrap and iron your gown and stole; take care not to burn the fabric; using a towel between the iron and material is helpful.

A reminder that your tassel, pins, patches and cords should be worn/affixed to your yellow stole at graduation. Students cannot personalize their items with their names - this is keeping with the tradition of unity in our last gathering as a class.

(updated 6/4)

"Graduate Check Out" Form (updated 6/3)

On Monday, 6/7 during Advisory, your graduate will receive a checklist of things to do before graduation. It includes items like paying off all fines, returning textbooks, returning library books, returning chromebooks, etc... Students will receive their tickets to graduation upon the completion of the check list. If your student is absent or is an online learner, they can pick up their check out sheet from Mrs. Melendrez in the front office after 12:30 on 6/7. We'll begin taking completed check out documents on Tuesday, 6/8.

Graduation Rehearsal (updated 6/4)

We will be hosting a graduation rehearsal on Friday, June 11th in the morning. Graduates (in person and interCONNECT learners) must attend rehearsal in order to participate in the ceremony on Saturday. Students should arrive to the rehearsal on Friday at 8am and will find their labeled seat.

What to expect...

  • Who Can Attend: per the CDPH Guidance, attendance must be limited to school staff, graduates, household members, and family members and attendees must abide by travel limitations as indicated within the current CDPH Travel Advisory. (added 4/14)
  • Ticketed Guests: each graduate can invite two guests. Per the CDPH guidelines, guests must be household/family members. Guests will need to sit together and will be socially distanced from other graduate's guests. We know this is not conducive to some family dynamics and we apologize for the challenges this may create. We hope that by providing two months of notice that you can find a way to establish which two family members will attend on behalf of your graduate. Per the current CDPH guidelines, we cannot make exceptions to this policy. (slight update on 4/14)
  • Live Stream: we have a talented team of teachers and students who will be live streaming the graduation from the stands and the field. The livestream can be viewed at This is the same team who has been live streaming our athletic events this spring - they do a GREAT job. The livestream will be available on YouTube here ( after the ceremony. There is more info about the live stream (including a "how to video") below. (updated on 6/4)
  • Face Coverings Required: all guests and graduates must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while they are on campus and during the ceremony.
  • Guest Entry/Exit from Graduation: please see the map below for information about which gate to enter the stadium from; students will meet in the main campus quad by 7:15am, and students will be exiting the stadium back to the quad after the ceremony; we will send the students to the quad and THEN begin to release families to exit the stadium (updated 6/3)
  • Pictures: we will be setting up locations around campus where ticketed guests can take pictures with/of their graduate. Families will not be permitted to take pictures on the field.
  • Self-Screen for Good Health: graduates and guests will need to self-evaluate their health prior to coming to campus and should not attend if there is any indication of illness or any exposure to a COVID positive person.

Seating (updated 6/3)

Each graduate will receive 2 tickets after turning in their senior check out form. Tickets will be labeled for home bleachers, visitor bleachers or the field. Seating within the section is first come first serve. Paired seats will be side by side with social distance between couples. If you seated in the bleachers, you'll be sitting in spots marked with green stickers like those shown here. We will begin welcoming people into the stadium at approximately 7:15am. Please see the map below to find the stadium entrance most appropriate to use given your ticket type.

Parking (added 6/10)

Traditionally parking at graduation is very difficult. This year should be much easier, as most graduates will be arriving with their parents, and most families will bring one or two cars maximum. You can park around the perimeter of campus, but the only gates that will be open are the 4 gates into the stadium (see map below) and the gate between the cafeteria/'old' gym and art room across from the tennis courts. All other campus gates will be locked. We will be using the interior of campus to stage graduates and to pass out diplomas, so we are discouraging families from hanging out on the campus before/after the ceremony.
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During the Ceremony: (added 6/4)

  • students will be seated alphabetically by last name; As closer to 50 yard line and Zs and student speakers (valedictorian, salutatorian, ASB president and Senior Class president) closer to the south end zone
  • students will be invited to remove their mask and apply hand sanitizer before they walk onto the stage; students are not required to remove their mask
  • students can fist/elbow bump or shake hands with the WPUSD School Board member who gives them their diploma cover
  • our school photographer, Debbie Brown, will take a picture of each graduate as they receive their diploma cover
  • students must replace their mask after leaving the stage; there will be hand sanitizer available after they leave the stage as well
  • at the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates will exit the field and then families will be exited from the stadium by section to ease congestion. Students will be able to pick up their physical diploma right after the ceremony. Please make a plan for where to meet up with your graduate

More Info about the Live Stream: (added 6/6)

Here is a "How To" link to a video that explains how to watch the graduation live stream and offers options to stream onto your tv at home:

The live stream is offered at:

And the video produced by the live stream will be available permanently on YouTube at:

Senior Class TShirts

If you pre-ordered a senior shirt, they are available in Mrs. MacQueen’s room (the Activity Center) from 1-3 pm starting on Tuesday. Please contact Mrs. MacQueen ( or Mrs. Amy Aceto with any questions.

Why the move to a Saturday celebration?

In the past, we have hosted graduation on a Friday evening, but we are moving the event to Saturday morning for three main reasons:

  • the weather will (hopefully) be more comfortable for our graduates and guests,
  • a morning ceremony will allow people to join us and then participate in any any family celebrations that they may chose to host, and
  • it will allow us to adequately run and staff the celebration (this year staffing will be more difficult than typical).

Senior Class Meeting (added 4/26)

On Monday, 4/26, we hosted a senior class meeting during advisory for in person students and at 1 pm for interCONNECT students. During the meeting, we reviewed this senior class letter and some other items related specifically to the senior class. Please find the letter here and the other items of interest here.

Students also picked up their caps, gowns, stoles and other Class of 2021 items. If your senior missed the meeting, please have him/her visit Mrs. Brown in the administration building to get a copy of the materials and to pick up their cap/gown/stole package.

We are also selling stoles alone from the office for $10 each.

What about Prom?

In an effort to be very transparent, we do not anticipate being able to run social activities like Prom given the current CDPH guidelines.

What other (new and established) traditions are we holding onto?

  • We are grateful to the parents running the FaceBook group called "Adopt A Senior LHS Class of 2021" (please consider joining and/or adopting if you haven't already!)

  • We ordered yard signs to honor all LHS seniors

  • We hosted our Senior Awards Night on Monday, May 17th and our World Languages Award Night on Wednesday, June 2nd

  • Working on our traditional senior slide show in a very '2021 fashion'...via a premiered YouTube broadcast, perhaps! :)

  • Senior acknowledgements are being shared via social media

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