In a Heartbeat

By Loretta Ellsworth

When Eagan dies, Amelia has the chance to live. Read about both of their stories in the novel In a Heartbeat

Novel Summary

Eagan, a sixteen year old figure skater, makes a mistake at one of her figure skating competitions. This costs Eagan her life. Amelia, a fourteen year old girl, has congestive heart failure. She needs to have a heart transplant to live. She finally receives a heart from a donor, but she wants to find out who the donor was. She does her research to find her donor and thinks that she was a girl named Eagan. She wants to meet her donor's parents and learn about her donor. She goes through a lot of trouble to finally meet her donor's family.



There are many settings of the book In a Heartbeat. Amelia is in the hospital in her own town, and at the end of the story she goes to a hospital in Milwaukee. She also goes to her own home, and her donor's home. Eagan is in a gray field, and she is trying to figure out where she is. She has many flashbacks and most of them happen at a figure skating competition or at her home.


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Final Reflection Questions

3. What was the best part of this novel? Focus on a particular chapter, scene, or interaction between characters. Explain completely.

The best part of this novel was when Amelia really wanted to learn more about her donor. She lies to her parents and asked one of her friends to take her to meet her donor's family. She got to her donor's house and after a little while of talking to the family, she started feeling very sick. She was then taken to the hospital where she found out that the medication that she is taking now needed to change. She was going to be okay. This part was very good because I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next.

4. Also, in your opinion, why did the author choose to write this particular book? What was the big lesson to be learned?

The author chose to write this book because it show that if someone is very sick or going to die, then they can get better and live their life. You have to believe that you can get better to live on.

About the Author, Loretta Ellsworth

She was born in Mason City, Iowa. She loved cats and used to keep a diary when she was younger. She never thought about becoming a writer until she had a family of her own. She has four children. When she wrote her first book, it took her two years to write. She taught middle school Spanish for ten years, and she has lived in Minnesota for 20 years. Other books by Loretta Ellsworth are Unforgettable, In Search of Mockingbird, and The Shrouding Woman. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

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