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Description of a Appraiser

A property appraiser would estimate the value of a property for tax, sales, financing, development or insurance purposes. An appraiser might work for the government, for a business or self-employed.

Working Conditions

To be an appraiser you would have to meet some standard qualifications to do it. The requirement for licence or certification vary significantly from state to state and it would depend what type of property appraisers would focus on.


Appraisers usually make about 51,030 a year.


You would either have to have an associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree.

Career Outlook

It would be 6% for appraisers and/or assessors.


  • The Property being appraised is called a subject property.
  • There are 3 parts to any appraiser Process
The inspection

Researching comparable properties

The final appraisal report

  • A clean house appraises for a higher amount of money.
  • Appraisers plug in a formula (dollar per square foot), or simply average several numbers (comparable sales prices) to find a value.
  • If you tell an appraiser how much money your home home is worth, he will aim for the exact number.

Real Estate Appraiser Job Description