Providence News

January 2015 Issue No: 7

Is it just a cold or the dreaded flu?

Just some useful information to help differentiate between the flu or just a cold. Flu is the short term for influenza. It is an illness caused by a respiratory virus. The infection can spread rapidly through communities as the virus is passed from person to person. When someone with the flu coughs or sneezes, the influenza virus gets into the air, and people nearby, including children, can inhale it. The virus also can be spread when your child touches a hard surface, such as a door handle, and then places his hand or fingers in his nose/mouth or rubs his eye.

Flu Season

The flu season usually starts in the fall and ends in the spring. When there is an outbreak or epidemic, usually during the winter months, the illness tends to be most pronounced in preschool or school-aged children. Adult caregivers are easily exposed and can contract the disease. The virus usually is transmitted in the first several days of the illness.

Flu Symptoms

All flu viruses cause a respiratory illness that can last a week or more. Flu symptoms include:

  • A sudden fever (usually above 101°F or 38.3°C)
  • Chills and body shakes
  • Headache, body aches, and being a lot more tired than usual
  • Sore throat
  • Dry, hacking cough
  • Stuffy, runny nose

Some children may throw up (vomit) and have loose stools (diarrhea).

After the first few days of these symptoms, a sore throat, stuffy nose, and continuing cough become most evident. The flu can last a week or even longer. A child with a common cold usually has a lower fever, a runny nose, and only a small amount of coughing. Children with the flu—or adults, for that matter—usually feel much sicker, achier, and more miserable.

Healthy people, especially children, get over the flu in about a week or two, without any lingering problems. However, you might suspect a complication if your child says that his ear hurts or that he feels pressure in his face and head or if his cough and fever persist beyond 2 weeks. Talk with your child's doctor if your child has ear pain, a cough that won't go away, or a fever that won't go away.

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Montesssori Prep

Happy new year, I would like to thank everyone for the holiday gifts, it was very generous of you. I would like to welcome our new friends Eloise and Sebastian. Now Emma and Torin can teach their new friends what they know and they really enjoy helping. We are working on the letters "I" and "J". Be sure to look around at all the beautiful artwork in our classroom. Also a quick reminder to please bring cold weather clothes to go outside.

Pre Primary

Happy New Year!! We would like to thank you all for your generous gifts and kind words.

This month we are introducing scissor work, pairing and reinforcement of choosing work independently. We are counting numerous objects up to 6 this month, having the class "walk the rectangle", and go on a rectangle hunt. The class is excited for our new season of winter and we are hoping for snow! They had fun with the letter "Mm" making monsters and mittens. We would like to welcome to Kiaan and Romir to the class!



This program is available to all current Providence Montessori Students ages 3 years and up. Classes begin Thursday 1/29. Click on the link to register.!-80-3600

Primary I

Not every classroom can say they have a life size penguin, miniature polar bear, and funny fat walruses. We can. Our class has been measuring penguins and learning about arctic animals. Ask your child what penguin they are and they might tell you an Emperor, King, Royal, or maybe even a Gallapagos. We used string to represent the penguins on the wall in our classroom. We have been doing experiments to observe how snow melts, how water can make things grow, and what type of climates penguins live in.

We have introduced folders to our classroom. Our students love to check out enrichment work in their folders and practice their handwriting, pencil skills, and language and math concepts. We are still using our Montessori classroom materials for introducing new lessons and independent work.

Please welcome our newest "A" students: Aahan, Alessandra , and Anderson to our classroom. They are welcomed additions to our classroom and fit in well with all of us here at Providence.

Don’t forget we still are spending time outdoors when weather permits. Dress your children in layers and don’t forget snow wear. Make sure your child has slippers or shoes to change into for the classroom, so our floors stay dry and safe.

Primary II

The Kindergarten class enjoyed the holiday season by learning about many different holidays celebrated. We enjoyed learning about Hanukkah from Ethan and Ava's mom who also taught us the driedel game. What fun it was to play! We made our own Holiday booklets and talked about what we do with our family.

The start of the New Year brought some changes to our room. We said goodbye to Krish and family who moved to South Carolina. We wish them the best of luck!

We are excited by the snow on the ground and the fun snow related work in our room. We have been busy matching number names to the written number on polar bears, clipping snowflake clothespins, transferring snowflakes with tweezers and practicing our pouring with blue sand into a funnel.

We have been classifying by air, land and water and have moved into land and water forms. The children are greatly enjoying magnetic/non-magnetic work and sink and float work. We have also been reviewing the world map and making our own with labels.

The children are doing so well with reading work. Currently we are working on glued sounds am, and an.

In Character Education "Think Win-Win" is our new topic.

I have been greatly enjoying being in the Kindergarten class but before we know it Ms. Cass will be back with the girls and little Ryan :)