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Week of September 7th

Message from Melissa

Welcome! The 2020-21 school year is upon us, and we want to welcome our new 6th graders and their families, transfer students and our returning 7th and 8th graders. When thinking of our new school year, it's easy to focus on all that has changed - remote learning, hybrid schedules, temperature checks, social distancing. But instead, I'd like our focus to center on what hasn't. At MT, we will continue to care for and nurture your students, keep them safe and ensure they are able to maximize their experience socially, emotionally and academically. The day-to-day logistics will look different, but what drives what we do and how we do it won't. Simply put, our staff is exceptional, cares about each and very one of our students and I am confident will create an environment for your student to thrive.

I am so excited to see students this week! Please know we are taking this journey together, and if there is anything we can to help you, please do not hesitate to reach out. It truly is a great day to be a Timberwolf!

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Picture Days

"A" Day students -Wednesday, Sept. 9th

"B" Day students - Thursday, Sept. 10

Optional Remote students - Wednesday, Sept. 9th between 2:30-3:30



MTMS will be taking regular attendance.

OPTIONAL REMOTE parents need to report absences:

  • Monday: PERIODS 1-7
  • Tuesday: PERIODS 1-7
  • Wednesday: PERIODS 1-8
  • Thursday: Periods 1-7
  • Friday: Periods 1-7

HYBRID parents need to report absences:

  • Any time your student is supposed to be at school.
  • Any time your student is unable to report to their 8th hour Zoom on their at home learning day.
  • Anytime your child is unable to be on Zoom periods 1-7 on "C" days. If your student is ill PLEASE include all symptoms and if diagnosed with Flu, Strep or Covid-19.

The Attendance Secretary will be calling families to check on students who have not notified the school of an absence.

The phone number for Absences is 913-422-5854 or you can report an absence through the following link:

Important New Proceedures

Students MUST wear their own mask to school on their first day.


  • You may not bring outside food in to your child, nor join him/her for lunch.
  • If your child forgets his/her lunch he/she may get a school lunch or you may bring a lunchbox with your students name on it and place it on the table in the foyer.

Visitors/Parent Volunteers

  • At this time we will not be able to have visitors or parent volunteers. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.
  • You may bring a forgotten item, however, you will not be allowed to enter past the foyer. Please ring the bell, and we will let you in. Place the item, marked with your child's name on it on the table in foyer and we will get the item to your child. We cannot guarantee that an item can make it to your child by a specific time.

Checking your child out of school early or dropping off after the start of school

Checking out your child:

  • Have an ID ready to show when picking up your child
  • Press the bell, show your ID and let us know who you are checking out
  • Return to your vehicle.
  • We will locate your child and send him/her to you your vehicle.

Dropping off your child after the start of school:

  • Submit the absence online (even if only for a class or two) or call the office to notify the school that your child will be late. Please let us know the reason for the tardy (appointment, headache, or just running late).
  • Have your child ring the bell and we will let your child in. You do not need to escort your child to the door.
  • If we have not heard from a parent/guardian the tardy will be marked as unexcused, so please do not forget to notify the office of the reason for the tardy.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and support during this time. If you have any questions please call 913-422-1100 and we will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

From the Nurse

Nurse Koeckeritz is working diligently to update all vaccination records received over the summer. If she needs vaccination records for your child she will reach out to you.

MTMS Student Council

Interested in joining student council? Check out the MTMS StuCo Web page:

From the Yearbook Coordinator

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Mac Book issues?

Call K12itc at 816.382.4840

Hours: Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00pm