5 themes of geography

By Jacob Wyeth


A place where something is, location can either be an exact location or an area.

Austin is located 2 and one half hours northeast of San Antonio.

30.25*N 97.75*W


The hill country is an example of place because it describes the features of the land and it is a major part of Austin and its beautiful landscape

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All the counties around Austin shows the region. The type of land can be very different in other places, like on one side of Austin there is thehill country and on the otherside the landis flat.

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Walking and biking can be a very big part of Austin's lifestyle. Most people enjoy this type of transportation because of the beautiful landscape and hills.

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Human environment interactions

The Mansfield dam is a major part of the human interactions. Austin needed this because without it we would not have a sufficient water supply which would cause the city to be very rural.

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