Chase Megliorino

About me

About me

My name is Chase Megliorino. I am from Flower Mound, Texas and I play hockey and golf. I am a US citizen and an honest man. I have a sister and two dogs. I have a part time job at the ice rink and I referee hockey games.


I went to Bluebonnet Elementary school in Flower Mound, Texas. 2000 Spinks Road. The middle school I attended was Shadow Ridge Middle School. 2050 Aberdeen Road in Flower Mound, Texas. I went to and graduated from Flower Mound High School. 3411 Peters Colony rd.

Jobs and Work Experience

I worked as a referee for MHOA for two years then when I started high school I did not have enough time to do that job. I then went to work as a scorekeeper at grapevine mills ice rink in Grapevine, Texas.

Extracurricular Activities

Outside of school I primarily play hockey for a select organization called Hockey Club of Dallas. We are on the ice almost everyday and have both on ice and off ice training with games on the weekends. Also, some weekends we go out of town to play in international tournaments.


Coach Steve LaMere. 469-688-0256, 4205 legacy dr Plano, Texas.

Coach Ryan Pfifer. 817-846-8973. 8839 allen pkwy Allen, Texas.

Coach Peter Wood. 214-207-7552. 4284 hilsey dr Dallas, Texas